Biden Delivers Remarks To Mark Amtrak's 50th Anniversary | NBC News

Apr 30, 2021
13 832 Views

Watch live coverage as President Biden delivers remarks at an event marking the 50th anniversary of Amtrak in Philadelphia.
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Live: Biden Delivers Remarks to Mark Amtrak's 50th Anniversary | NBC News

  • Now Biden wants to put all the truckers out of work too.

    philzonephilzone6 days ago
  • Contrast this with just about any trump speech, any of them, ever And the trumpers think Biden is slow.. it's completely delusional

    NINONINO7 days ago
  • Can somebody please obtain a real Medical Checkup Report on Biden? Paperwork that isn't forged or fake. There's a reason why Putin told him that he "wishes him good health" in response to Biden calling him a Killer. Even Russian Intelligence was hinting that he's got medical problems, but nobody seems to have caught on. My prediction: Biden suffers a stroke soon and Harris is sworn in as President, but isn't Elected when she runs for a Presidential Term.

    S.I. HobbsS.I. Hobbs7 days ago
  • My company paid for bus transportation to work. Nobody at work except took the bus. Even democrats prefer their cars and planes over trains or buses.

    Bruce SmithBruce Smith7 days ago
  • Nobody wants to ride Amtrak. Biden wants to shut down all cars.

    Bruce SmithBruce Smith7 days ago
  • The CCP has begun to supervise the management of passports for going abroad, so it is now very difficult for Chinese people to go abroad, that is, they are locked in disguise and prohibit people from going abroad. However, Chinese people who go abroad have to prepare a lot of documents before they are allowed to go abroad, so all countries in the world should pay attention. People who can easily travel from China to foreign countries are generally the CCP’s special agents.

    La HoLa Ho7 days ago
  • So empty

    Kirill UstinovKirill Ustinov7 days ago
  • I hope seeing ALC-42 301 day one paint

    mts trolley productionsmts trolley productions7 days ago
  • Happy birthday amtrak

    mts trolley productionsmts trolley productions7 days ago
  • "The eyes of history are on this appointment." - Buttigeig 1964 Japan's first bullet trains were put in service and the the first Beatles album was released. 1998 China started the construction of 36,000km of high speed railways and high speed trains. 2021 US still has NO high speed railway and NO high speed trains. When was America great?

    DJ PomareDJ Pomare7 days ago
  • Uncle Joe will Build Back Better. All Aboard!

    AJ RimmerAJ Rimmer7 days ago
  • Very Nice

    Rajbahadur VermaRajbahadur Verma8 days ago
  • OUTRAGEOUS the devious collusion going on with Dems & Big Tech & Fake News & Biden & Pelosi & FBI raiding Giuliani -- fanning the fires of HATE & FEAR... letting in MIGRANTS with Covid -- DIVIDING Americans. Question is: Who benefits from this HATE & DIVISION... and why are they doing it ??!

    Gary VGary V8 days ago
  • Someone needs to stop him from doing his little jog/shuffle. Especially on stairs. He's gonna get himself severely injured. The election is over. It's served its purpose, the media was able to say "look how fit he is and the pep he's got". His handlers almost trained him too well and now he won't stop.

    Biden has DementiaBiden has Dementia8 days ago
    • @Liz Pedano yeah there were gale force, basically a hurricane😄😂😄😂 These dupes gobbled it up too. Corporate media even has them believing the rise in gas prices has nothing to do with biden. In fact it's really Trump's fault😂😄👌

      Biden has DementiaBiden has Dementia8 days ago
    • He didn’t trip on those steps of the plane ... there were terrible winds that day

      Liz PedanoLiz Pedano8 days ago
  • Just resign biden Whole country and world knows you're a fraud.

    HilarityBriboHilarityBribo8 days ago
  • Yeah get on the train. It's just going to the delousing chamber. A government big enough to give you everything you big enough to take everything you have.

    Tim StevensTim Stevens8 days ago
  • Ok this guy speaking, is talking about trains. Take your trains to Texas and pick up those 20,000 kids and bring them back to Washington D.C. This is a disgrace to our Country and The American Flag.

  • Bidens policy fund planned parenthood abort black babies. Import Hispanics.

    Tim StevensTim Stevens8 days ago
  • “ worked like the devil...” true story Joe.

    The Way HomeThe Way Home8 days ago
  • This poor old sour patch sad to see an American citizen being led around the nose

    Kevin SudburyKevin Sudbury8 days ago
  • China Biden

    Jim DouglasJim Douglas8 days ago
  • NBC swamp media

    Jim DouglasJim Douglas8 days ago
  • Nice blue hat

  • God Bless President Biden.

    Beauty Life07Beauty Life078 days ago
    • I rather pray, GOD take that back, and HE sends it from whence it came. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 LOVE AND LIGHT AS GOD WILL DO ONLY RIGHT ❣ ♾

      Clint HarlinClint Harlin8 days ago
    • Which one?

      Modulus FiveModulus Five8 days ago
  • Waste of federal taxpayers' capital.

    Tricky Dicky BallTricky Dicky Ball8 days ago
  • Lying biden💩🚽🖕⚰️

    Tricky Dicky BallTricky Dicky Ball8 days ago
  • I hope:1. they overhaul the trains and make them comfortable like European or Japanese trains. 2. for god sakes remove the under seat toilet and replace it with an airline style bathroom 3. Find a way to keep the bathrooms on the Empire Builders clean during the journey 4. Change the timings of the Maple leaf so that it reaches NY in the evening as opposed 10:30 pm!

    HelenshipsshipsHelenshipsships8 days ago
  • Overpriced, poorly serviced antiquated technology that needs to go away.

    kanibeMekanibeMe8 days ago
  • He should be sorting out the border catastrophe not making these rubbish speeches. Fact!

    ChaosChaos8 days ago
    • @Chaos im sry but as a naturalized citizen, i do not think the ppl should get amnesty. I understand things are desperate but if anyone can walk into the USA with no consequences, who is gonna stop anyone or everyone?!

      Augistine AquinasAugistine Aquinas7 days ago
    • @Chaos ur dumb. I will educate you. It’s very simple, there are forces which you do not see active on the ground in those particular countries where these migrants or illegal immigrants as you call them come from. They are solving the problem in a different way so that these people stay in their country. They’re not repesting walls dlogans even though Biden is continuing the Trump wall, but nevertheless it’s just that dems are little more diplomatic and at the end of the year and you can verify this for yourself the statistics don’t lie the number of deportations is about the same as Trump or greater. So now why don’t you just relax Take a chill pill uncle Joe is in charge and I hope you and your family take that Amtrak train ride enjoy the view.

    • @ONLINE INTELECTUAL the border? That thing with the humanitarian crisis his VP was supposed to sort out back in March? You know the thing? Some intellectual you are. Fact!

      ChaosChaos8 days ago
    • What? You ok?

  • This is awesome. Congratulations Amtrak ❤️

    Lisa MoserLisa Moser8 days ago
  • Joe Biden🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I'm sure this deal landed on his lap. Must be something the prior Administration did.Go sign another executive order Joe

    someone newsomeone new8 days ago
  • Great! More theft from the American people to serve at the knees of the elite 10%. The gov'ts subsidized loan is only the latest example. During its more than 40-year tenure, the rail service has received over $45 billion in taxpayer dollars. Yet Amtrak has run operating losses every year since its inception in 1971. For over a decade, 41 of its 44 routes have remained unprofitable. In 2014 alone, its loses totaled roughly $1.1 billion.

    EatTheGreatResetEatTheGreatReset8 days ago
  • Worst president of all time

    ItTrolls4TheeItTrolls4Thee8 days ago
  • Yes build up the rails. Building infrastructure now for our future Americans.

    Anthony VangAnthony Vang8 days ago
  • Why they have to wipe the mic and then after speech why he roamin around mask free Strange world we live in

    fels hqfels hq8 days ago
  • America Strong Again! On Her Own!! We need this Peeps! Prez Biden Rules! ❤️

  • Amtrak is ok but slow and doesn't have a clown show to entertain me when I ride.

    Top HatTop Hat8 days ago
  • Might be off the topic but instead of him saying work like the devil why he couldn't have said work like God or Jesus or something like that I wondered

    Detra WashingtonDetra Washington8 days ago
  • NBC protects Biden. Oh, it’s time for you nap mr. president. NBC news is completely biased. Let’s tell the American people what we want them to hear. Hey, let’s have another stupid animal story, or let’s tell another story on a poor black person seemingly harassed by our law enforcement. Or let’s report on another stupid Panda story. Oh, Al Roker, get lost you coconut.

    T DogT Dog8 days ago
  • Trump would only have done this if, he could have claimed to have invented the train!

    Darla LongDarla Long8 days ago
  • Imagine Trump speaking at this event. It would be all about him, his family and billionaires making money of off this. Nothing about the environment, nothing about jobs, etc.

    JopflahJopflah8 days ago
    • @NunyVanstta135 Which one? Send me a link please.

      Crystal DominiqueCrystal Dominique8 days ago
    • No, he talked about jobs quite often, so you obviously weren’t paying attention 😴

      NunyVanstta135NunyVanstta1358 days ago
    • Cool story bro

      Modulus FiveModulus Five8 days ago
    • Amen to that. I watched his campaign rallies when he was a candidate and after he had won the presidency. All he did was talk about himself.

      Crystal DominiqueCrystal Dominique8 days ago
  • When is Joe getting his own Amtrak One rail car?

    Moe TardedMoe Tarded8 days ago
    • Let him pay for it he's loaded with money

      Ricky JRicky J7 days ago
  • Our Dodderer in Chief is hard to watch. Hope he doesn't encounter those 5mph hurricanes again.

    thom wesselsthom wessels8 days ago
    • @jtbam why, you lonely?

      Modulus FiveModulus Five8 days ago
    • move to russia.

      jtbamjtbam8 days ago
  • Nice and President Biden loves Philly because that city helped him win the white house and to expand amtrack services.

    Albert SanchoAlbert Sancho8 days ago
    • yep PA helped commit election fraud

      Bruce SmithBruce Smith7 days ago
  • When Trump became president, he cut the funding for Amtrak.

    The Real American Patriot!The Real American Patriot!8 days ago
    • Rightfully so

      Modulus FiveModulus Five8 days ago
    • I can't stand Trump, but it wasn't wrong to cut the funding from an upside down company funded by tax payer money that only served the rich.

      EatTheGreatResetEatTheGreatReset8 days ago
  • God Bless President Joe Biden, God Bless America and its Democracy! Finally leadership we can have hope and believe in!!

    Cybr FriendsCybr Friends8 days ago
  • We're way BEHIND ! REPUBLICAN OBSTRUCTION & there addiction to there 1% donars that use what we the TAX PAYERS pay for while they DONT

    Eddy TouchtonEddy Touchton8 days ago
  • Hope to see more Amtrak in Arizona!

    Kevin BaconKevin Bacon8 days ago
    • @Kevin Bacon What town is that?

      Norfolk Southern RailfanNorfolk Southern Railfan8 days ago
    • @Kevin Bacon The Sunset Limited use to go through Phoenix until they re-routed it to the south.

      Norfolk Southern RailfanNorfolk Southern Railfan8 days ago
    • @Norfolk Southern Railfan It goes through my small town but I wished it connected to metro Phoenix. Would be nice and alleviate a lot of traffic!

      Kevin BaconKevin Bacon8 days ago
    • Amtrak has two services in Arizona, the southwest chief and the sunset limited and they serve every big city in that state except Phoenix.

      Norfolk Southern RailfanNorfolk Southern Railfan8 days ago
  • Why do i have a strange feeling that biden is going to pass away in front of cameras just because he wanted to ,,run'' and died on heart attack?

    Krystian GrotynskiKrystian Grotynski8 days ago
  • Train conductor Biden 🚂 I really like that he isn’t mean spirited. Before him, it was just stressful and confusing .

    mac979s1mac979s18 days ago
    • The media is what had you stressed and confused. Now their not adversarial but an advocate media so your not whipped into a frantic frenzy anymore.

      Biden has DementiaBiden has Dementia8 days ago
    • You don't know Joe

      Modulus FiveModulus Five8 days ago
    • He's a bit mean spirited to the kids in cages. Fact!

      ChaosChaos8 days ago
  • Walk straight & slow Old Yeller Joe!

    Yusef WrightYusef Wright8 days ago
  • Congratulations 🎈🍾🎉 Amtrak On Your Anniversary Of 50 Years

    Nidia LuccioniNidia Luccioni8 days ago
    • They need to reinstate the Chicago to Florida route.

      Norfolk Southern RailfanNorfolk Southern Railfan8 days ago
  • Biden been a politician for over 50 years and help start the iraq and Afghanistan war

    negro 7negro 78 days ago
    • Republicans rewriting history and spewing BS. Biden is ending the Afganistan war. And there would have been no Iraq war without bush and his neocon administration. 0 chance. If republican's lead by Kavanaugh (now rewarded with a supreme court seat) hadn't stopped the Florida recount - which they would have lost, it wouldn't have happened.

      NINONINO7 days ago
  • This guy always sounds like he is drunk. Wow I still can't believe this guy is running anything especially our country. Good luck USA.

    Lisa KalinLisa Kalin8 days ago
    • It’s all right, he’s got your back despite your willingness to believe the lies of Faux news.

      FriendFriend8 days ago
  • Biden taxing the middle class

    negro 7negro 78 days ago
    • Lie, and you know it. Noone under 400k will see any increase. Btw I'm WELL under that and my taxes went up under Trump. He stole from the poor and gave to the rich.

      AJ RimmerAJ Rimmer7 days ago
    • @Friend no, just living in reality.

      Modulus FiveModulus Five8 days ago
    • Who told you that, Hannity? LOL gullible much?!

      FriendFriend8 days ago
  • zionist shill

    BigBishop1BigBishop18 days ago
  • Go Biden!🚄🚅🚄

    Richard NogalezRichard Nogalez8 days ago
  • Actors in action!

    Stefan FalckStefan Falck8 days ago
  • Biden 👍❤️💙💜💚👌💖💕♥️

    Sylvester EzeSylvester Eze8 days ago
  • Am track is back but if like slow trail to Georgia enjoy the ride is not bullet speed though

    John LiuJohn Liu8 days ago
    • That’s what his infer structure is all about

      Liz PedanoLiz Pedano8 days ago
  • WTF?? KEEP YOUR MASK ON!!! Hearing this Mush-Mouth CLOWN just sounds pathetic.

    Gary WardGary Ward8 days ago
  • 👏 it's amazing having real adults back in the Whitehouse. You can't spell HATRED without RED HAT!

    DND SoundEFXDND SoundEFX8 days ago
    • T. Joseph you are delusional 🤦‍♂️

      NunyVanstta135NunyVanstta1358 days ago
    • But you can spell Dumb and Dumber with DND

      Modulus FiveModulus Five8 days ago
    • @Anthony Vang The country became divided by Obama when he praised dead thugs and vilified police for doing their job.

      Jazzy JeffJazzy Jeff8 days ago
    • @Anthony Vang I'm not even American, but I love that man, Biden isn't only good America, he's good for the whole world, congrats America 👏

      T. JosephT. Joseph8 days ago
    • @Anthony Vang well said 👏

      T. JosephT. Joseph8 days ago
  • I’m not joking here Sleepy Joe. You are a joke!

    loganbuilderloganbuilder8 days ago
    • @DND SoundEFX Lol... 😝

      T CT C8 days ago
    • Keep crying kid 😭

      DND SoundEFXDND SoundEFX8 days ago
  • Wow

    Dawn PavlisickDawn Pavlisick8 days ago
  • Pimpin' Joe Biden. Love him for loving his women.

    A. l.A. l.8 days ago
  • yes Joe. Thank-you Mr President. The right will say we cant afford it. We can - they can pay for it - force them - filibuster. That democratic senator from SC? NC? Tell him no campaign funding if he doesnt vote for it. We can't afford it no. Nor can the Chinese. But nobody who wants to be a super power and competitive cannot afford not to build a comprehensive national high speed rail passenger service. So unrepresentative republican senators, toe the line or be voted into extinction eventually. When Ike build interstates it cost much more than it brought in. Same with rail but look at how much america benefited from the interstate system. Stop being a bunch of republican senators: lead us, follows us, or get out of the way please.

    Joe SoapJoe Soap8 days ago
  • Wow1.8k viewers wow so many fans. That totally shows 85% of Americans yea I dont see over 100 million

    Angry JokerAngry Joker8 days ago
  • Communist puppet.

    BananAmericanBananAmerican8 days ago
  • Yes, please keep Amtrak operational. I love taking the trains. Only way to travel cross-country.

    Margaret ScottMargaret Scott8 days ago
    • After watching long as he he not in charge of what train is suppose to switch tracks.....or ANYTHING done with the operational aspect, I am down.

      Tyler ScofieldTyler Scofield8 days ago
    • Yikes, all the stops make it unbearable. What's a 10hr drive for me is a 17hr train ride. I'll never do it again. I did get to read both the kingkiller chronicles books tho. Good series if your into fantasy novels.

      Biden has DementiaBiden has Dementia8 days ago
  • Joe Biden has more energy then me and I’m 60!

    Ann HiltnerAnn Hiltner8 days ago
    • @Friend while sleepy joe want to raise capital gains tax to 39% who's stealing from who capital gains tax doesn't care if you make 10000 a year or 14 million dollars a year so he's taxing people that make under $400,000 a year he's a liar

      Bill CBill C8 days ago
    • @Angry Joker And look at all the good things trump used that energy for: Inciting an insurrection, emboldening the white supremacists, sleeping around, throwing his closest friends under the bus, putting trillions into the hands of the .1%, alienating international allies while cozying up to Putin, yeah, it does take energy to do what he did.

      Jeff FJeff F8 days ago
    • @Angry Joker Trump was busy lounging in front of a bank of televisions with hamburgers piled high. That is, when he wasn’t golfing and making up lies to grift more money from his sycophantic supporters.

      FriendFriend8 days ago
    • You realize trump was doing 3 a day during rallies but sure Joe biden has more energy

      Angry JokerAngry Joker8 days ago
  • God bless President Biden. Long may he run!!!

    kathydeekathydee8 days ago
  • Hey this guy got the shot why does he need a mask?

    a man Ryana man Ryan8 days ago
    • @a man Ryan what kind of logic are you following?🤷🏼‍♂️🤦🏼

      FriendFriend7 days ago
    • @Friend lol yeah ok. Why don't you do a 20-year comparison on the total death count in your state and then get back to me on if it's really a pandemic or not. I did it in mine and a 2 year comparison between 2020 and 2019 versus 2018 and 2017 one less person died in the 20/19 comparison so yeah what pandemic?

      a man Ryana man Ryan7 days ago
    • Just doing as he's told

      Modulus FiveModulus Five8 days ago
    • Because the CDC said so and yeah, I don't know why either.

      Darla LongDarla Long8 days ago
    • It’s his duty as a member of society to not pass the virus on to others who may not be vaccinated.

      FriendFriend8 days ago