Brennan: ‘The President Needs To Remain Very Vigilant’ When Dealing With Russia | NBC News

Apr 30, 2021
5 809 Views

As tensions between the U.S. and Russia heat up, President Biden is also facing growing threats of domestic terrorism. Former CIA director and NBC News national security analyst John Brennan joins News Now to discuss how the Biden administration should address Russia and how to deter home-grown terror threats.
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  • Fodder.

    Vincent AVincent ADay ago
  • What a joke. They can’t use religious extremism in America like they did/do in the Middle East, so they use the mythical “white supremacist” to cause fear and divide. Anyone with half a brain knows there’s not racists hiding behind the trees waiting to get you. North Korea wouldn’t even be a problem if he didn’t sabotage the Hanoi summit. It’s all about causing fear to expand power and finance.

    OneHorseTownOneHorseTown4 days ago

    S MadlS Madl5 days ago

    Holly KelleyHolly Kelley5 days ago

    Holly KelleyHolly Kelley5 days ago
  • Like Antifa and BLm threats? You sissies are making a big mistake

    Daniel DarkoDaniel Darko6 days ago
  • Brennan a paid Russian hoax liar

    Daniel DarkoDaniel Darko6 days ago
  • Domestic terror, in other words whoever doesn't agree with Biden and fake news. How about extremists like THe BLM sissies or Antifa sissies

    Daniel DarkoDaniel Darko6 days ago
  • Lmfao. Fake news Fake president

    Daniel DarkoDaniel Darko6 days ago
  • Trusting Brennan is like trying to toss an anvil in a distance achievement contest.

    Manchurian JoeManchurian Joe7 days ago
  • Russia allready has done military action .

    larry westlarry west7 days ago
  • #KillerPutin is unsane

    Grigoriy GichGrigoriy Gich7 days ago
  • just go war already, the rest humanity would feel safer if US,Russia and their dog just disappear from this world

    adib adianaadib adiana7 days ago
  • Remember when Dems didn't trust the CIA agenda? Now they're in bed together. Both parties want war.

    Kool-aid WatchdogKool-aid Watchdog7 days ago
  • The Russian use the American White Supremacy, as they called useful idiots.

    игорь89игорь898 days ago
  • He knows what he's talking about and please listen to him!

    Zaphod BeeblebroxZaphod Beeblebrox8 days ago
  • Communist

    Ilya WeissmanIlya Weissman8 days ago
    • And... U.S in bed with Ukraine Nazis:

      Kool-aid WatchdogKool-aid Watchdog7 days ago
  • Brennan traitor 👎 👎 👎 👎 😡

    Ilya WeissmanIlya Weissman8 days ago
  • Why should anyone trust Brennon 🤡

    Quinten BelforQuinten Belfor8 days ago
  • Let's have a war with Russia pls MrcBidein

    Farque MatthewsFarque Matthews8 days ago
  • Just vote straight Democrat republicans are liars and racist justice matters

    Pablo VergaPablo Verga8 days ago
  • Local law enforcement has involvement in these organizations

    neeper27neeper278 days ago
  • The 2nd ammendment is not about hunting.

    Reef DiverReef Diver8 days ago
    • It's about having to buy your own musket... If you join the National Guard.

      Kool-aid WatchdogKool-aid Watchdog7 days ago
    • @Mystery Dog House The civil war was fought with the most modern guns of that time by both sides. Imagine a government that would have restricted weapons preventing the civil war? We wouldn't have changed. Slavery would have continued well into the 20th century. Sometimes war is necessary. If the Indians had been better armed, maybe there wouldn't have been the mass concentration and genocide.

      Reef DiverReef Diver7 days ago
    • +@Reef Diver I should. We had to fight a civil war. American Indians and women did not get to vote until 1920. Still fighting Jim Crow in the South until radical Harry Truman-J.F.K. came along and if you have not noticed the days of Flintlocks and Muskets are long over. Or do I have to vaporize your head off with a Star Trek phaser. Or do you still believe if men could fly they would have wings?

      Mystery Dog HouseMystery Dog House8 days ago
    • @Mystery Dog House I didn't know there was an ammendment for slavery or a cleansing Indian ammendment. How uneducated you make me feel.

      Reef DiverReef Diver8 days ago
    • Yeah! It,s an obscelent amendment like slavery, not allowing women to vote and cleansing Indians.

      Mystery Dog HouseMystery Dog House8 days ago
  • Lotion pumpkin?

    Frontline FairytalesFrontline Fairytales8 days ago
  • No one NEEDS an automatic weapon/s! Can anyone give me a good reason WHY they NEED an automatic weapon?! This is an outdated Ammendment!

    Buddha CookBuddha Cook8 days ago
    • @Reef Diver I expected that #45 President would do nothing..... & I hope that President Biden will help. It's very difficult atm due to this Pandemic so I'll pray that someone hears of ur needs soon.....but killing + killing doesn't = peace. The whole world is going crazy & bad things are happening to good people everywhere.

      Buddha CookBuddha Cook7 days ago
    • @Buddha Cook It's happening right now in Myanmar, formerly called Burma. The military overthrew the democratically elected government and is killing peaceful demonstrators in the streets and in their houses. The only "someone", as you say, who should stop them better have fully automatic weapons. Slingshots and sticks aren't working. American news channels have totally ignored what is going on there.

      Reef DiverReef Diver7 days ago
    • @Reef Diver NO citizens need automatic weapons. Someone needs to do something about these soldiers & military. Giving everyone automatic weapons would just wipe everyone out. Where is it that this is happening?

      Buddha CookBuddha Cook8 days ago
    • @The First Shall Be Last. The Last Shall Be First. That comment really says a lot about ur opinion! 🙄 Have a nice day. Goodbye

      Buddha CookBuddha Cook8 days ago
    • No one needs USworlds, yet here we are... need has nothing to do with it.

      The First Shall Be Last. The Last Shall Be First.The First Shall Be Last. The Last Shall Be First.8 days ago
  • If they need a 100 round clip to hunt deer or bear, they need a new hobby, because they are a lousy shot!

    Elizabeth AyresElizabeth Ayres8 days ago
    • No such thing as a clip 🐑 it's called a magazine. Get the facts before u flap your gums

      Daniel DarkoDaniel Darko6 days ago
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    Jesus my FoundationJesus my Foundation8 days ago
  • Love Mr. Brennan!❤️

    Elizabeth AyresElizabeth Ayres8 days ago
    • @Darius Arturo definitely, I have been using flixzone for months myself :D

      Keegan LincolnKeegan Lincoln22 hours ago
    • A tip : you can watch movies at Flixzone. Me and my gf have been using them for watching a lot of movies during the lockdown.

      Darius ArturoDarius Arturo22 hours ago
  • brilliantly said, ty

    mary jonesmary jones8 days ago
  • Out of Afghanistan into Ukraine.

    evolved monkeyevolved monkey8 days ago
    • @Abu Lahab Stealing from the north pole and the Russian people.

      evolved monkeyevolved monkey5 days ago
    • @evolved monkey " ... and its all gas ..." you mean they fart?

      Abu LahabAbu Lahab5 days ago
    • @Kool-aid Watchdog. Yes i know CIA has a bad resume. Ukraine on fire shows another picture of the Ukraine situation. And this phone call seems to be a coupe in Ukraine

      Kristoffer LindenKristoffer Linden7 days ago
    • @Kristoffer Linden - The "way out" is truth about Russia. These stenographers for the "merchants of death" should be sent to these countries to talk with the people. All we hear is bad attitude & no real field research. The results of U.S. regime change speaks for itself. The CIA has a bad record on Truth.

      Kool-aid WatchdogKool-aid Watchdog7 days ago
    • @Kristoffer Linden I hope so

      evolved monkeyevolved monkey7 days ago
  • Offer Ukrainian soldiers bounty for Russian heads.

    Mr. BobMr. Bob8 days ago
    • +@Mr. Bob Thank You!

      Mystery Dog HouseMystery Dog House8 days ago
    • We’ve got a lot more money to offer.

      Mr. BobMr. Bob8 days ago
    • @Mystery Dog House Ah, another intelligent individual 😁

      Mr. BobMr. Bob8 days ago
    • @Tamara Savage-White Thank you dear lady, you are indeed wise 🤗

      Mr. BobMr. Bob8 days ago
    • +@Tamara Savage-White So do I.

      Mystery Dog HouseMystery Dog House8 days ago
  • If you were still in CIA you would have no power in America CIA is power is out side America. And that is were you should be.

    Michael CurranMichael Curran8 days ago
  • Media and intelligence in lock step... what could go wrong?

    The First Shall Be Last. The Last Shall Be First.The First Shall Be Last. The Last Shall Be First.8 days ago
  • I agree and I have Links connecting the two foreign and domestic terror links , without going into to much details , here's a public one 2016 NRA russian dark money ,and a attack on a domestic naval base,thru corruption and leverage

  • Murdering Monster Putin is a Clear and Present Danger to our Great Nation.

    Make Racists Afraid AgainMake Racists Afraid Again8 days ago
    • He would be quickly replaced.🤡

      Di&CeDi&Ce8 days ago
  • No, he needs to be evicted from the united States and be sent to china!!!

    Marie FarabeeMarie Farabee8 days ago
    • @British Enough then maybe you don't know the meaning behind the word assume...

      Marie FarabeeMarie Farabee7 days ago
    • @Marie Farabee funny you assume I'm not American. I've lived in NYC all my life.

      British EnoughBritish Enough7 days ago
    • @British Enough your not American, what does this have to do with you???

      Marie FarabeeMarie Farabee7 days ago
    • @NewOldVideos ok karen....

      Marie FarabeeMarie Farabee7 days ago
    • If his son is enough to warrant his guilt, then Trump too lmfao. Your logic makes no sense.

      British EnoughBritish Enough8 days ago
  • I agree to much of these idiots don't really pay attention but to fake news you can tell by the amount id comnents

    Claire DeiotteClaire Deiotte8 days ago