First 100 Days: Exiting The ‘Forever War’ In Afghanistan | NBC Nightly News

Apr 30, 2021
21 241 Views

President Biden pledges a complete U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan by September 11, missing the May 1 deadline negotiated by the Trump administration. Lester Holt speaks with military leaders, veterans and family members about the move.
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  • 20 years of wasted blood, resources, and time. Just imagine if we had never invaded but instead used those wasted trillions to fix problems at home.

    John BJohn BDay ago
  • I dont care if its Trump or Biden I support leaving Afghanistan is a decision most people support unless of course your apart of the military industrial complex like Hillary

    BlueAce TVBlueAce TV5 days ago
  • Leaving 2000 soldiers and 180,000 Mercenaries (contractors) is NOT withdrawing from Afghanistan. Biden is a disgusting liar just like the last loser. I’m DONE voting for democrats too.

    Dave ShawDave Shaw6 days ago
  • The US leaves Afghanistan, the soldiers received post-traumatic disorder during their years of service in the army, and now the US and NATO want to fight with the Russian Federation? where is the unity of the UN??

    Vardan NadirianVardan Nadirian6 days ago
  • Border CRISIS still ignored by media, just Covid-19, spread the fear news!

    Alfred EAlfred E6 days ago
  • Border CRISIS continues,media silent.

    Alfred EAlfred E7 days ago
  • That funny he haven't pulled out american troop in syria. Mmmm... 🤔

    Ryan lexRyan lex7 days ago
  • Forever war in Syria.

    Robot crobotRobot crobot7 days ago
  • The CCP has begun to supervise the management of passports for going abroad, so it is now very difficult for Chinese people to go abroad, that is, they are locked in disguise and prohibit people from going abroad. However, Chinese people who go abroad have to prepare a lot of documents before they are allowed to go abroad, so all countries in the world should pay attention. People who can easily travel from China to foreign countries are generally the CCP’s special agents.

    La HoLa Ho7 days ago
  • How to abandon allies USA style: Hamstring local partner by going behind their backs during negotiations? Check. Commit to unrealistic withdrawal timetable regardless of the ground situation? Check. Hammer local partner with bad press? Check. Spend recklessly and craft local defense industry totally reliant on us support and with no ability to sustain itself? Check. Neglect economic development of local partner and create a dependency with roads to nowhere and no strategy? Check. Send boys off to die for ground you give up a month later? Check. Do all of the above in rough terrain in your rival's backyard? Check. Have a bunch of politicians claim they're ending a war by losing it? Check.

    RogerwilcoFoxtrotRogerwilcoFoxtrot7 days ago
  • Iranian/Syrian/Palestinian officials announce construction of a state-of-the-art mattress / bubble bath industrial park in Kabul. U.N. officials have examined the blueprints and have issued assurances that, indeed, these documents use authentic blue ink.

    Bongo FuryBongo Fury7 days ago
  • Like that guy flashed his fancy boots still with dust

    Kirill UstinovKirill Ustinov7 days ago
  • The greatest life-or-death dilemma of many nations Lowest virus infected nations, Deaths, Apr 29 2021 British Virgin Islands 1 Cayman Islands 2 Fiji 2 Sn Vincent 11 Sn Martin 12 Taiwan 12 Mauritius 17 New Zealand 26 Seychelles 28 Iceland 29 Monaco 32 Highest virus infected nations, Deaths, Apr 29 2021 U.S. 586,650 BRZL 392,204 MXC 203,991 UK 127,451 ITL 119,912 RUS 108,980 FR 103,256 GRM 82,551 SPN 77,738 PRU 60,013 SAF 54,186 The costs of moving people to ALMOST VIRUS-FREE CLIMATES are enormous, but so is the surging, non-abating lost of lives, by relying only on biochemistry, except as loudly demanded by some weak minds./

    Benjamin Gal-OrBenjamin Gal-Or7 days ago
  • Afghanistan trades opiates and heroin to the CIA and US drug dealers to sell on to the masses of US addicts. The World must place sanctions on the US for their human rights abuses both domestically and internationally. 20 years in Afghanistan is nothing compared to the 76 years US troops have been stationed in Germany since WWII. Stop blaming China, Russia and Iran when the Biggest Threat to America are Americans. When was America great?

    DJ PomareDJ Pomare7 days ago
  • 1.6million people watched Biden speak in Congress lower 75percent than president Trump

    Muoi GannonMuoi Gannon7 days ago
  • Biden only extended the date President Trump set to get them home and that was today. Biden moved it to September! This administration is a joke

    Quinten BelforQuinten Belfor8 days ago
  • Ending one to continue another i thought Republicans were the warmongers.

    Mark MonroigMark Monroig8 days ago
    • @Ryan lex Uh, yeah. Stupid

      Zachary PZachary P2 days ago
    • @Zachary P do you really think Joe Biden pulled out all usa troop in middle east region LMAO

      Ryan lexRyan lex2 days ago
    • @Ryan lex Go away.

      Zachary PZachary P2 days ago
    • @Zachary P lmao Joe Biden about to start another isis in middle east! Where gaddiff goverment?? LMAO

      Ryan lexRyan lex2 days ago
    • @Ryan lex Sure, buddy. Take this up with your local therapist.

      Zachary PZachary P3 days ago
  • On the sequel of Capitalist Wars: The Imperialist Oil Strike Again we’ll have Capitalist Wars: The Lithium Menace followed by Capitalist Wars: The Return of the Nazis * subject to copyright and intellectual property laws for the next 1,000,000,000 by Disney *

    Christmas Pool & SpaChristmas Pool & Spa8 days ago
  • Natural resources 🤤 raw materials 😛

    Christmas Pool & SpaChristmas Pool & Spa8 days ago
  • That’s an imperialism for yuh son 🧐

    Christmas Pool & SpaChristmas Pool & Spa8 days ago
    • @RogerwilcoFoxtrot It’s the victim of decades of imperialism

      Christmas Pool & SpaChristmas Pool & Spa7 days ago
    • Afghanistan is not imperialism. They have their own government and are trying to rebuild their country after decades of rule by Taliban, Civil wars, and an invasion by the USSR. Afghanistan is trying to prevent the return of warlords and taliban rule.

      RogerwilcoFoxtrotRogerwilcoFoxtrot7 days ago
  • Have they tried unplugging it for 30 seconds???

    Christmas Pool & SpaChristmas Pool & Spa8 days ago
  • I want to be a level 9/11 arsonist. Now it’s here, now it’s free fall.

    Christmas Pool & SpaChristmas Pool & Spa8 days ago
  • Sometimes you need to put a gun to the people’s head for them to accept their freedom, am I right? * laughs in American *

    Christmas Pool & SpaChristmas Pool & Spa8 days ago
  • US has the WORST pull out game. Iraq made us nut too early. Abort. Abort. Abort.

    Christmas Pool & SpaChristmas Pool & Spa8 days ago
  • Did we win this one!? 🤭🤫 ....Don’t forget Vietnam.

    Christmas Pool & SpaChristmas Pool & Spa8 days ago
  • Mistake for Bush and Obama not to De Mullahfy Afghanistan. No Marshall Plan. No Re Education programs. No blue jeans, mini skirts, rock and roll, rap, pop Coca-Cola, Jazz, teaching people how to be Democratic. Like what Harry Truman, Gens. Marshall, Eisenhower and MacArthur did for Western Germany and Japan. We did not leave Gestapo and Japanese militarists in charge of West German and Japanese education system. Taliban should have been killed and expelled.

    Mystery Dog HouseMystery Dog House8 days ago
  • Do we get clarification on building 7 now? I’m no conspiracy theorist, but the official does NOT add up. It’s so blatantly clear that the story doesn’t add up that I’m offended that our government felt so audacious that they could give of this line of garbage. But hey, fear sells! 😉🤫 Ttyl, I gotta get back to playing hide and seek with the US government and weapons of mass destruction. Not today WMDs....not today.

    Christmas Pool & SpaChristmas Pool & Spa8 days ago
  • The terrorist that allowed 9/11 via negligence are still in our country and richer than ever. In fact, one of them started the war. Knowledge. 🤯🤗

    Christmas Pool & SpaChristmas Pool & Spa8 days ago
  • Should have left after Osama was taken out.

    David EllisDavid Ellis8 days ago
  • The Taliban just can’t wait to retake Afghanistan

    House Speaker Nancy PelosiHouse Speaker Nancy Pelosi8 days ago
    • @B Whit most Afghanis don't want taliban back, but it's hard to fight them. Afghanistan is a very rough place.

      RogerwilcoFoxtrotRogerwilcoFoxtrot7 days ago
    • An so they should bearch they fought for their home.

      B WhitB Whit7 days ago
    • If 20 years couldn't fix it, neither is 20 more.

      Jackie DJackie D8 days ago