GOP State Bills Restrict Voting Access, Loosen Gun Laws, Crackdown On Protests | Meet The Press

May 2, 2021
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GOP State Bills Restrict Voting Access, Loosen Gun Laws, Crackdown On Protests | Meet The Press

  • Libs are f_--- brain washed. Anti American as they come.

    brentwithambrentwitham4 days ago
  • Republicans hold 54.29% of state legislative seats (house & senate) nationally.

    Mike StambaughMike Stambaugh4 days ago
  • Votes sent through the mail are not secure and not believable. Especially on a massive scale. Voting needs to be fair, accurate, believable and the results known promptly.

    Darwin PenningDarwin Penning4 days ago
  • Absolute lunacy from the GOP. But what else can we expect from a party that worships Guns, Money & Trump? If they keep this up, their days of being a relevant party are truly numbered.

    Cool CatCool Cat4 days ago
  • 2nd Amendment begins with A WELL REGULATED MILITIA being of necessity for defense of State, not for deer hunting nor in your home shooting at furniture

    Lily JadeLily Jade5 days ago
  • What the Republicant's are focused on and doing is passing state laws tht appeal to 45's followers. For them it's all abt cementing tht allegiance between the party and tht base. Further... they're hoping tht restricting folks ability to vote will further weaken the surge of the DEM's foothold in the political process. Instead of pushing for programs tht help the constituents in their states, which might benefit the DEM's at the polls, they are going after the votes of the violent fringe of our society tht supported *djt.* My question for them: How did tht work out January 6th when Congress was on the receiving end of tht *hate!* Y'all's safety was also in jeopardy! What y'all are doing, this power grab' will tear our country apart and it will affect everyone (you included).

    StellarSeenStellarSeen5 days ago
  • GREAT !!!! What is the best AR 15 set up for protection against BLM / Antifa Terrorist

    ChadChad5 days ago
    • Why don’t you go ask the NRA? They’ve been helping domestic terrorists (MAGA hatters & Neo-Nazis) get weapons of war for decades.

      Cool CatCool Cat4 days ago
  • McCaskill - Republicans are the party of grievance and fear. No, they're out of power at the federal level and doing what the party out of party does. A good chunk of people vote due to dislike and fear of the other party than really loving their own. Democrats engaged in a lot of fear and grievance while Trump was in power. Republicans are just more terrible. As long as this 2 party system with few competitive seats exists, the mainstream media sucks, system is corrupt, it will be more of the same.

    theuglykwantheuglykwan5 days ago
  • This is dumb... Voting restrictions.. that was expected. Protesters restrictions.... going against people's 1st amendment. Loosen gun restrictions ... well, many Illinoisans who doesn't qualify for gun ownership in the state generally go to Wisconsin, Indiana, Tennessee or Mississippi. Now people will be able to get it in state?? Hmmm 🤔🤔 All of it just extra dumb af... 💯

    JinJin5 days ago
  • So what's so united about the United States of America? The country's a freakin joke. Good luck imploding.

    Scott SmithScott Smith5 days ago
  • Can't wait to see the next antimasker protest.

    Over WatcherOver Watcher5 days ago
  • TRUMP in 2024!

    concerned1313concerned13135 days ago
    • For San Quentin!!

      ExFlying ObjectExFlying Object5 days ago
  • The Republican policy stop voting and more tax cuts

    Quentin GarnesQuentin Garnes5 days ago
  • If you keep going in this direction you will become what you claim you fear the most, a communist country under the GOP. 2024 will be the deciding vote.

  • For the past 4 years Trump and the Republican party have given hundreds and trillions of dollars two large corporations and big pharma and not a single word was spoken about the deficit which I find highly dielectric having said that , it's we the people that should always come first at any cost .

    Ernesto XavierErnesto Xavier5 days ago
    • Gotta say... I was following ur critique and understanding (and agreeing) to ur point of view until u mentioned 'dielectric'. Had to look it up, wanna understand how it fits in with wht u wrote, pls?

      StellarSeenStellarSeen5 days ago
  • Grab your guns and go vote!!!!!

    Johnson HungloJohnson Hunglo5 days ago
  • You need ID to do everything , why not to vote ?

    steve woodwardsteve woodward5 days ago
    • Compare voter id laws in say TX to Canada. There's a huge difference. Voter id is fine, i support it. Weaponizing it and using a buffet of other laws to whittle down turnout is not. In WI, republicans keep adding more arbitrary requirements to student id as they lean democrat. It's simply to increase the burden on universities so whilst they are accepted, most in fact will not be valid. In NH, they openly said they didn't want out of state students affecting their politics, to that end they made students register their vehicles in state before they can vote. That's a few hundred dollars and is a poll tax. TX argued in court that they made x election changes for partisan advantage - that was their official argument. That said, some of these red states have gone so far they might backfire. They passed a new round of restrictions due to Trump's freakout but they forgot that many Trump voters are not reliable voters as poor people tend to have lower turnout. Those are the people that tend to get hit hardest by restrictions. But then again they might want to block the Trump base so the establishment doesn't get toppled. Democrats are not innocent either as they play games to benefit them. Overall, this is bad for democracy and everyone suffers but everyone is cheering as long as their side wins when in reality they are also losing. Without competitive elections, politicians have little need to listen to voters - most elections in the US are not. A small portion every cycle are even remotely close.

      theuglykwantheuglykwan5 days ago
  • Are we the United States of Florida or the United States of New Hampshire the United States of Texas the United States of California no we are not we are the United States of America and as such we should have a government that sets a law to govern all the states not just let's stage govern themselves which only makes the problem worse in the long run when you have to have for example what would be a relatively simple case and one state might not be so simple and the other 49 states due to these varying lost due to the stupid way of making laws

    Jose GutierrezJose Gutierrez5 days ago
    • Also roughly 40 states out of the 50 have voter ID laws, it's always been this way you'll need to show an ID to prove that you voted and not voted twice ! If we didn't have to show ID people could just make up names, there's no way to prove it because they're not checking it against anything! If they don't ask for IDS you could drive to each of the 50 states involved in each of the 50 states then on the way home do all the 50 states in reverse and vote again !

      Meaghan Cote-McAuleyMeaghan Cote-McAuley3 days ago
    • This is the way it works , we the people are supposed to make the laws ! The government is only there to enforce our laws! Lately no offense but the democrats are running every single law through executive orders! Anytime they bring a law to the floor they don't even try to have a bipartisan votes, they ram it through anyway by reconciliation! As it is they already control the house the senate the presidency and now want to pack the court house ! My friend this can only mean one thing and that's to have complete control, with unlimited amounts of power! As it is most of the things there pushing through are ridiculous, look at the money our country is spending! Joe Biden and Cabinet are already over 10 trillion dollars in 5 months in office! Then they want to higher the taxes for the big companies! This won't work for many reasons, with the first reason being these companies will just close their doors! Then all these companies will all move to China! Then what's the big plan for all this giant amounts of money to be repaid? Well here's the second thing and it's about the lies Joe Biden and his Team haven't told you , they will raise the taxes for everyone! Look at the first $1.9 trillion they took out, one cent to the dollar actually went to the Covid package while the rest of it went to pet projects for other blue states and rebuilding all the cities that BLM and antifa burned to the ground and destroyed ! Look at our border right now, when Trump was there and had children in those trailers it was said look at the cages the kids are in. Now Biden the one that actually built those so-called cages they're actually trailers has roughly 30,000 children in them. Where is the transparency why doesn't he allow reporters to go there and take pictures of it, it was only wind part of the border patrol sneak out pictures that we were able to see what was actually going on there. And why do they keep denying that it's not a problem, why is FEMA there ? FEMA only goes to disasters ! Also asking somebody to show an ID to be able to vote for the president is not being racist, Think about it you can't even go in a store and buy cigarettes without an ID alcohol board a plane drive a car get your Covid shot without an ID! So why is it that the biggest thing we have as being American is our right to vote they wouldn't want to have ID's? Plus do you know how racist it is to our black communities when the president and the Demoncrats keep saying it's voter suppression to our black communities because they do t have licenses or ID's ? Well I can assure you that the vast majority of of black People do have ID's and they all know how to use computers, unlike JOE BIDEN said they didn't! The medias in the Democrat party I've also tried to sell us that our country is racist and that all white people are racist, and then our country is systemically racist! Well it's not the only reason they keep saying that is to cause further divide between our races! Then they call Spanish people brown people, common that's very racist! Personally white People black People and Spanish People are all just Americans! Why do they classify people by putting their ethnicity before calling them Americans? If I'm black and your Spanish would you call me your Black friend? Or just your friend? The Demoncrats only care about themselves, not the Spanish immigrants coming in at the border! There just votes for the Demoncrats ,! They don't care about the Black people or the white People either! They constantly contradict themselves all the time, six what is the interaction of the capital is it was the worst thing that ever happened in American history they compare it to the Civil War with 3/4 of 1 million people died, that's a joke! But yet when Seattle Minnesota in other cities were burning to the ground , they cheered it on and so did the media . When several people died , roughly 30 people. The cost of the cities being ruined and burned to the ground buildings churches , Federal courthouse the damages to these cities is several billions of dollars !

      Meaghan Cote-McAuleyMeaghan Cote-McAuley3 days ago
    • got it the constitution is stupid. i guess you would prefer a monarchy, huh?

      bishop yorkbishop york4 days ago
  • Own the libs by destroying this country.

    J AJ A6 days ago
  • If the fbi doesn’t start taking fascism and white nationalists seriously it’s going to be over. Russia will annex the us.

    J AJ A6 days ago
  • Meet the press

    Clara ReynoldsClara Reynolds6 days ago
  • It's called Constitutional Carry and it reduces crime. Do you have a problem with the Constitution, reduced crime, or both??

    Me MyselfMe Myself6 days ago
  • Republican retribution on the masses. They've been doing this since Nixon. Every time they lose, they strike back with a vengeance. Nixon's War on Drugs was a thinly veiled attack on black families because of the success of the Civil Rights Movement. After Clinton won, Newt Gingrich and John McCain closed down govt and forced Clinton to sign 3 strikes bill which was another attack on black people. After Obama won, the Republicans went total shutdown. I was surprised anything at all got done let alone Obamacare. Now with Biden, their attacks are even more insidious. They've enacted or about to enact voter restrictions in every Republican run state. TN has a new no permit open carry gun law. FL made it legal to run over protesters. Just a thumbing to the fabric of democracy.

    DRightOne1DRightOne16 days ago
  • Chuck Todd is a partisan hack. He ruined Meet the Press.

    Lp78ChLp78Ch6 days ago
  • I hope some aren't too short sighted to realize that less restrictions on guns could actually help you in the long run. Reality is things are not going to be miraculously better any time soon, with all the focus on police but not anything more than talk on a larger scale plus many other broken things. I'd think long and hard before getting on on the antigun bandwagon right now, you very well could be contradicting yourself in the not to distant future.

    K HK H6 days ago
  • In 2017, Xi Jinping requested in the internal documents of the Communist Party of China to start competing with the United States for the right to speak on social media in the world, and to use the Belt and Road Initiative to dominate and colonize the world. At present, the CCP has not reached any trade agreement. Should the United States increase tariffs to force the CCP to fulfill the agreement? Biden is going to pretend to be deaf and dumb, not to say anything? Or will Biden continue to blend with the CCP to make money?

    La HoLa Ho6 days ago

    unrulypitch sicariounrulypitch sicario6 days ago
  • lol who cares about voting laws, removing gun laws are what prevent tyranny not choosong between 2 piles of garbage every 4 years

    Kaiser SultanKaiser Sultan6 days ago
  • Sure glad the courts are packed with right wingers.

    Jeffrey ChengJeffrey Cheng6 days ago
  • Vote republicans out of office. They are unhinged!

    FreedomFreedom6 days ago
  • Polls show voters identify as Democrats by 10 points over Republicans. The states better accelerate laws that limit access to voting or certain voting blocs will dominate every election from now on.

    David SchneiderDavid Schneider6 days ago
  • Pretty sure the bills were against riots not protesters. But nice use of language to mislead the listeners

    Markeyse BradleyMarkeyse Bradley6 days ago
  • Patriots...... The National Basketball Association, MSM and Major League Baseball have become political action committee's for President Harris and her puppet Joe Biden. In addition, the following companies (listed below) worked on Joe Biden's behalf, campaigned for Biden and other Democrats, fund raised for BLM and other far left activist organizations. Financial Boycott whenever possible the following. NBA/WNBA, MLB, Modelo Beer, Pacifico Beer, Sonic, Corona Beer, Wendy's, US Bank, Coca-Cola products, State Farm Insurance, The General Insurance, Nerdwallet, Dunkin Donuts, Baskin Robbins, Best Buy, Wayfair, Kohls, Cigna, Delta Airlines, United Airlines, Microsoft, Home Depot, Vivint, Verizon, New York Times, Washington Post, USA today, ESPN, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, TNT, TBS, TLC, PBS, OWN, Oxygen, Discovery Channel, Discovery Plus, Bloomberg, Facebook, Twitter. *Boycott any products endorsed by NBA, MLB players, leftist fund raisers Snoop Dogg (who preformed a mock execution of President Trump.), Martha Stewart, Shaquille O'Neal, Earvin "magic" Johnson, LeBron James. *Since Black history month there is an African American on almost every commercial on television. At only 13% of the U.S. population makes you wonder? many of the companies listed above reflect this trend in television.

    terri jacobs`terri jacobs`6 days ago
  • No one should purposely run over folks blocking the streets. That is what breaks are for.

    G KG K6 days ago
    • @Me Myself What part of insurance you don't understand?. Can you get a second life to resurrect with an insurance?.

      duvineduvine2 days ago
    • @duvine What part of destruction of life and property do you not understand?

      Me MyselfMe Myself2 days ago
    • @Me Myself What part of breaks don't you understand?, what if proud bois, klans, patriot prayers are there, then what?.

      duvineduvine5 days ago
    • Even when those folks damage vehicles and batter the occupants?

      Me MyselfMe Myself6 days ago
    • They should be changing behaviors not breaking the laws; this is partisan anarchy for future privatization of public government.

      duvineduvine6 days ago
  • We do not want communists in the USA

    Becky Jo LongBecky Jo Long6 days ago
  • How to steal money legally; Private Jail Stocks for Gun Protest Youth on Sports/Vote Rights More Tax $ Wasted on Penal Time for Politicians!.

    duvineduvine6 days ago
  • Not have a vote

    Becky Jo LongBecky Jo Long6 days ago
  • They are making the bills fair , so illegals, dead people can not vote if not a USA citizen... if your illegal in the USA they should have a vote!!!!

    Becky Jo LongBecky Jo Long6 days ago
  • This is most excellent news. 🇺🇸🦅

    BlaQ Bay17BlaQ Bay176 days ago
    • *LOL Flixzone is a scam site* ... Goodluck ... I hope your on a VPN and have good AV .. 🙄

      AN0NY M0USE IVAN0NY M0USE IV5 days ago
    • @Cullen Kellan definitely, been using flixzone for since december myself :D

      Stephnie WeddingStephnie Wedding6 days ago
    • A tip : watch movies at flixzone. Me and my gf have been using it for watching loads of movies recently.

      Cullen KellanCullen Kellan6 days ago
  • An unintelligent idiotic authoritarian party is what he gop has become.

    Julian BautistaJulian Bautista6 days ago
  • Isn't this the complete OPPOSITE of what true governance is supposed to represent! I'm just saying!!

    Ahmad AbdullahAhmad Abdullah6 days ago
    • What true governance?, you mean corporate culture in government?, unions protests after May Day are now rioters, coincidences!!!

      duvineduvine6 days ago
    • Sounds pretty good to me

      TheHate FuLL1TheHate FuLL16 days ago
  • Mass shootings are a problem. And GOP think more guns, and less restrictions on them helps? They defend "legal gun owners" when any unstable person can walk out of a store with a legal gun.

    EvilJawaEvilJawa6 days ago
  • Translation to reality, Gop makes voting more secure Upholds 2nd ammendment And passes riot law to protect citizens and their businesses. 100 days in Higher gas prices Higher food prices Higher taxes coming Thousands of jobs lost Scamdemic 2020 Thats reality

    Daniel DarkoDaniel Darko6 days ago
  • More fake news and polls at 11

    Daniel DarkoDaniel Darko6 days ago
  • All in the name of racism. Preparing for the future as power shifts. 2045 isn’t far away.

    Jay BodyJay Body6 days ago

    raine ravenwoodraine ravenwood6 days ago
  • It's too easy to just put down Republicans and Trump supporters when you see news like this, but we are talking about 50% of Americans, a very sad reality but one that needs to be acknowledged.

    John WattJohn Watt6 days ago
  • Transgender people should have their own sports leagues!

    Keeping It CryptoKeeping It Crypto6 days ago
    • @TheHate FuLL1 hahahaa!

      Keeping It CryptoKeeping It Crypto6 days ago
    • They do is called a WNBA and nobody watches it

      TheHate FuLL1TheHate FuLL16 days ago
  • Disgusting behavior by deplorable people. GOP needs to go the way of the Whigs.

    JCJC6 days ago
  • It seems that the Republican Party is against our Constitution and Anendments. That these arrogant politicians are changing laws to prevent equality, free and fair elections, gun reform and police reform. They are changing us to an Autocracy where only the politicians in power will control how people live. They would like to see two classes: wealthy and poor.

    Elaine BergElaine Berg6 days ago
  • The FBI stated many insurrectionist didn't even vote for Trump. They found 6 GOP Republicans who didn't register to vote. Why are you trying to overthrow the government if you didn't vote?

    Redsky EagleRedsky Eagle6 days ago
  • The GOP is trying to destroy our United States this must be stopped.

    Della SmithDella Smith6 days ago
  • The states maybe WERE a laboratory for democracy before "Operation Red Map" or "...Red Wave" which was a GOP Gerrymandering program redrawing electoral districts to limit minority/democratic party turnout. Right now they are undemocratic and getting worse, not better. Come on Chuck, stay with the program.

    Peter JefferyPeter Jeffery6 days ago
    • Gerrymandering existed long before republicans. They simply control far more states which gives them far more seats to gerrymander. Stacey Abrams got democrats to vote for a republican gerrymander refresher in GA when she was minority leader in the state house. The worst gerrymandered states used to be topped by blue states. CA had decades of gerrymandering which the voters kept fighting back against until they eventually used the independent commission via popular ballot to solve. Even without gerrymandering, many districts simply are not competitive due to self sorting. State chambers are especially bad imo as both are elected the same with state senates simply magnifying the problem, meaning that winning the popular vote by a significant margin already means they might not win a majority of seats. Gerrymandering just makes it worse. The solution to that would be to change the voting system to multi member districts. That could help 3rd parties break out or afford the minority party some fair representation.

      theuglykwantheuglykwan5 days ago

    Robert FitzgeraldRobert Fitzgerald6 days ago
  • So this is what yellow journalism looks like. Also not all those states are red. Oregon is a blue as it gets is cracking down on protest.

    Chris WindomChris Windom6 days ago
    • @Cool Cat then you don't know journalism Probably not seen any real journalists

      Chris WindomChris Windom4 days ago
    • No. This is what REAL journalism looks like. And it’s clearly showing that the GOP is a bunch of lunatics.

      Cool CatCool Cat4 days ago
  • All this is so depressing.

    Vickie SimsVickie Sims6 days ago
    • I'm extremely happy about it

      TheHate FuLL1TheHate FuLL16 days ago
  • Dividing the country with your lies FAKE MEDIA

    Patrick JosephPatrick Joseph6 days ago
  • Republicans are pushing their constituents to arm themselves in preparation to attack polling places where minorities are voting. Reduce the number of places minorities can vote, and then there will be fewer polling places to attack, so everyone will be more concentrated. It’s going to get a LOT more violent soon.

    Jason BoyceJason Boyce6 days ago
  • Thee GOP agenda - stoke Civil War to restore Fascist White Supremacy

    WonderMagicianWonderMagician6 days ago
  • Worthless report

    WingnutWingnut6 days ago
  • This is clearly a form of secession from these republicans in those states. They are taking it upon themselves to make it so one republican person can discount anyone who doesn't vote for them.

    Lucas LavigneLucas Lavigne6 days ago
    • Yes a bunch of real cowards ! As apposed to coming up with legislation that may appeal to voters they decide to turn back the clock! They apparently haven't learned a thing after the latest landslide elections resulting in the loss of all three branches of government

      Ahmad AbdullahAhmad Abdullah6 days ago
    • stupid is as stupid does

      Pohaku ManaPohaku Mana6 days ago
  • Doing meth and steroids till you can knock out 1000 pushups might earn you something but its not honor

    Mike PictMike Pict6 days ago
    • Sounds like you're trying to convince yourself

      TheHate FuLL1TheHate FuLL13 days ago
  • John Kerry 47 yrs in Our Govt ??? 🇺🇸

    atomicmozartatomicmozart6 days ago
    • You're advertising for stupidity and no experience 🙄 Do you trust people with no experience? Like crackhead pillow guy?

      Random Internet UserRandom Internet User6 days ago
  • Pelosi 45 years in Our Govt.???

    atomicmozartatomicmozart6 days ago
    • Its easy to vote her out. CA has top 2 system which means 2 people of the same party can run at the general election. So for a safe district for one party, there is no danger of letting the other side win. She faced someone of the same party last cycle. I think she's going to have to die or retire for someone else to take that seat.

      theuglykwantheuglykwan5 days ago
    • Chuck Grassley in Govt since President Hoover. Still waiting for him to pass a bill.

      David SchneiderDavid Schneider6 days ago
  • The problem these idiots have is we are all educated. We WILL VOTE when the time comes. Remember, "Elections have consequences" quoted by most Americans who believe in our Democracy and the right of the PEOPLE to choose the leadership. What?

    Trout FisherTrout Fisher6 days ago
  • CONFRONT these lying media reporters and executives IN PUBLIC! 🇬🇧🇺🇸

    atomicmozartatomicmozart6 days ago

      unrulypitch sicariounrulypitch sicario6 days ago
    • Loser

      Gus 1901Gus 19016 days ago
    • NYT, Washington Post, NBC News retract reports about Giuliani FBI 'warning'

      The DetectoristThe Detectorist6 days ago
  • Im ashamed to be a Idahoan . They've burned masks, they take federal snap benefits from struggling handicapped and seniors, the states rampant with drug addiction and alcoholism. Their one of the biggest gun industry dependent states. Low in education and infrastructure. Yet hey tout how rich the state is while supporting a 7.50 minimum wage. Senator Crapo is one of the top big pharma recipients. We need to vote these Republicans out.

    Alicia TaylorAlicia Taylor6 days ago

    TigerlillyTigerlilly6 days ago
  • The GOP has a motto - Suppress The Vote.

    David EllisDavid Ellis6 days ago
    • You hit the nail on the head

      Music GMusic G5 days ago
    • Suppress it

      TheHate FuLL1TheHate FuLL16 days ago
    • NYT, Washington Post, NBC News retract reports about Giuliani FBI 'warning'

      The DetectoristThe Detectorist6 days ago
  • "(Trumpian) State Bills Restrict(ing) Voting Access..." remind us, yet again, that #Jan621 Insurrectionist #DJT is "utterly incompetent" as per the words of both his own Federal Judge elder-sister Maryanne Trump Barry and his own Clinical Psychologist niece Dr. Mary Trump. May #Imp2POTUS45 always hear "You're fired" via the unwavering reality of election results that reject him who is the cause of #MourningInAmerica.

    HeartDoc AndrewHeartDoc Andrew6 days ago
  • ‘Restrict voting to actual US citizens’. ‘Shall not be infringed’. ‘Rioters, not protestors’ ‘Prevent men from competing with women’ Fixed it.

    VikezupaVikezupa6 days ago
    • Best thing that's happened since Bidens been in office

      TheHate FuLL1TheHate FuLL16 days ago
    • Finally a step in the right direction

      TheHate FuLL1TheHate FuLL16 days ago
    • The only fix you got is in between your ears. Give yourself another hit.

      John WattJohn Watt6 days ago
  • T -gender should not be allowed to dominate in every way women's sports. Gun ownership keeps you safer in your home. Every American wants only legal voting. Saying black people can't get an ID is racist in itself. They can and most do.

    M- NiceM- Nice6 days ago
    • @M- Nice If..."women retain athletic "edge" after a yr on HRT", why born female trans men are allowed now with this law to wrestle girls?.

      duvineduvine6 days ago
    • @John Watt I can't be racist I am not white and only whites are racist. Trans women retain athletic edge after a year of hormone therapy, study finds If you don't own a gun no matter where you live you're a sitting duck.

      M- NiceM- Nice6 days ago
    • Yup!

      Keeping It CryptoKeeping It Crypto6 days ago
    • Your concern about gender in womens' sports is something that hasn't happened. Republicans with nothing else to inflame naive voters made up this topic because being anti-abortion isn't working for them as much as it did before. If you need a gun to feel safe in your home you should move somewhere else. The only votes that are counted in America are legal votes. You should admit you're a racist. Act like the person you are. You'll feel better when it's all over.

      John WattJohn Watt6 days ago
  • lol. They think we are completely stupid.

    P KP K6 days ago
    • Excuse me Sir/Madam Are you saved? If you died tonight are you going to heaven? Jesus loves everyone even Jesus loves your enemies

      Gags Double JGags Double J5 days ago
    • They are right

      TheHate FuLL1TheHate FuLL16 days ago
    • They're right.

      Pohaku ManaPohaku Mana6 days ago
  • Republicans are not a party it’s a cult

    Anthony BrathwaiteAnthony Brathwaite6 days ago
  • America gone just what the enemy wants fight against each other

    Anthony BrathwaiteAnthony Brathwaite6 days ago
  • With these fools in charge, you'll only be able to vote once every eight years between 1 and 2 PM... if you have an invitation.

    Wesley C.Wesley C.6 days ago

      unrulypitch sicariounrulypitch sicario6 days ago
    • @Wesley C. totally agreed

      No BodyNo Body6 days ago
    • @No Body Actually, the only ones moving backwards are the ANTI-DEMOCRATIC... everyone else is moving forward.

      Wesley C.Wesley C.6 days ago
    • NYT, Washington Post, NBC News retract reports about Giuliani FBI 'warning'

      The DetectoristThe Detectorist6 days ago
    • We are moving backward not forward…. Soon we are going to be a 3rd world country

      No BodyNo Body6 days ago
  • Next: Eliminate media propaganda.

    Carol SmithCarol Smith6 days ago
    • NYT, Washington Post, NBC News retract reports about Giuliani FBI 'warning'

      The DetectoristThe Detectorist6 days ago
  • Chuck wiped the smile right off his face with the truth.

    Dann MarceauDann Marceau6 days ago
  • Conservatives have Failed our Great Nation.

    Make Racists Afraid AgainMake Racists Afraid Again6 days ago
  • Over 100,000 people have suffered and died from the vaccine. The website is my name. Go check it out for yourself.

    Open VaersOpen Vaers6 days ago
  • Florida fckin up. Not going to work...

    Roman DaughertyRoman Daugherty6 days ago
    • I was back up north if you don't like it everybody else is happy with it

      TheHate FuLL1TheHate FuLL16 days ago
    • Only not going to work if you want to cheat

      Daniel DarkoDaniel Darko6 days ago