Legendary TV Host Don Francisco Reflects On His American Dream | Nightly News Films

Feb 19, 2021
89 605 Views

Mario Kreutzberger, known as “Don Francisco,” has graced televisions and filled the hearts of families for more than 50 years after starting his career in Chile. Don Francisco sits down with José Díaz-Balart and tells him how he made his American Dream a reality.
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Legendary TV Host Don Francisco Reflects On His American Dream | Nightly News Films

  • Don Francisco was old when I was a baby.

    Luis TorruellaLuis TorruellaDay ago
  • Yup, cada Sabado era un Sabado Gigante. As I got older, I didn't care for the show... DON'T TELL MY MOM. 🤫

    Esther's VSGTrekEsther's VSGTrek3 days ago
  • Man.. Sábado Gigante was such a BIG part of me growing up. It never got old. I always looked forward to it!

    LiliaLilia3 days ago
  • Don Francisco estoy esperando su respueta

    Ines ValdezInes Valdez3 days ago
  • Francisco is very good Man with lots of good heart I have seen all of his shows very nice family man

    Behnam ZadehBehnam Zadeh4 days ago
  • Don Francisco, you're English is better than most Chileans'. My parents also used to watch your show. Cariños de un Chileno viviendo en China.

    DisasterEXEDisasterEXE4 days ago
  • 😊

    Sherry HesnerSherry Hesner4 days ago
  • Fire Michael Che, Super Spreader of Misinformation and hate

    Andy HolzingerAndy Holzinger5 days ago
  • Can’t forget about “a Los leones” 👉🏻

    Joel VazquezJoel Vazquez5 days ago
  • he probably remembers when news was objective reporting, and not just left wing propaganda

    The Apocalypse of BlindogThe Apocalypse of Blindog5 days ago
  • Is sooo weird heard him on English.

    RD HRD H5 days ago
  • Thank you so much Jose for bringing us this true gem of a story. 🤗💙💪🏾

    Truth SeekerTruth Seeker5 days ago
  • Your looks and voice have stuck. Very interesting to see you at this age!

    Patricia VasquezPatricia Vasquez5 days ago
  • Oh gosh, years with him. Very different history than I thought.

    Patricia VasquezPatricia Vasquez5 days ago
  • Quien no se acuerda de el. Fue un excellente show, uno esoeraba el show todos los Sabado era un show completo a traves de el uno conocia la cultural de otros paises. Felicidades y muchas bendiciones para Don Francisco. Gracias, Jose.

    Maritza RamirezMaritza Ramirez5 days ago
  • His English is fluent, not broken at all.

    Dina MascioDina Mascio5 days ago

    Freddie MontanezFreddie Montanez5 days ago
  • Another shapeshifting small hat!

    Ate-E-ateAte-E-ate6 days ago
  • Ahhh Don Francisco I basically grew up watching your show from Univision Channel. 😊

    EveEve6 days ago
  • I grew up watching him on Sabado Gigante.

    MelinaMelina6 days ago
  • I love this thank you for making this interview, I grew up watching don francisco, I remember rushing home with my mom every Saturday to be on time and watch sábado gigante! Like me there is millions of Latinos and many generations that we grew up watching don Francisco and sábado gigante while eating dinner. Don Francisco you’re a idol and so dear to me! I love you and god may bless you for bringing so much happiness to our hearts for so many years 💕💕💕💕💕

    K AK A6 days ago
  • Upon her 1st visit to her hometown,Kamala Harris was welcomed by only THREE people.As usual,they will take Covid as an excuse. 🇨🇳

    AB CAB C6 days ago
  • He's a living legend! He's part of every Latino family, Sabado Gigante was LIT!

    Martian Hippie PizzaMartian Hippie Pizza6 days ago
  • That was beautiful . Thank you

    Gloria FloresGloria Flores6 days ago
  • ❤👍💋Thanks Love Don Francisco

    M AlvarezM Alvarez6 days ago
  • Always remember Don Francisco!!! 💗💗💗💗🙋🏻‍♀️🇵🇷

    ACM Vocal StationACM Vocal Station6 days ago
  • Amazing story of perseverance ♥️

    Amy QuinnAmy Quinn6 days ago
  • Thank you Don Francisco. My grandma loved watching you and she is a very good person too. Thank you for all you did :)

    Harold AltamiranoHarold Altamirano6 days ago
  • Don Francisco is like part of the family. Every Saturday night, it's automatic.

    The_HaterThe_Hater6 days ago
  • The man the legend don Francisco.i grew up watching this man

  • 🤷

    Muhabbet kuşları İnci ve BoncukMuhabbet kuşları İnci ve Boncuk6 days ago
  • Legend!

    santiago451santiago4516 days ago
  • Love Don Francisco!

    Ben CeronBen Ceron6 days ago
  • Legendary? Where? Never heard of him before.

    Kikeordaz MartinezKikeordaz Martinez6 days ago
  • I was born in the 80s in Ecuador and he was a must see on Saturdays.my grandma loved his show

  • He just revealed The secret word. ( dreaming). Not a dream but constantly dreaming is what get your success to align with you. We need to change the world by showing people that their power is to constantly visualize themselves doing what they desire.

    Aqui ChannelAqui Channel6 days ago
  • he is chilean not cuban. thats cuban music

    Interviewer Von ArtistaInterviewer Von Artista6 days ago
  • I never saw don Francisco as a European American. Funny to find out he is German. Amazing show, loved him/it... gracias

    Seed CaSeed Ca6 days ago
  • 👍

    Carol PetersonCarol Peterson6 days ago
  • Absolutely hated my in-laws but definitely appreciate the memories of watching this with my kids at their house... Makes me proud to have my Latin/Hispanic background!

    Veronica SantanaVeronica Santana6 days ago
  • Mi encanta Sabado Gigante & Don Francisco..

    TONI WOODTONI WOOD6 days ago
  • His career was plagued by sexual misconduct court settlements... I’m Chilean like him, we know this guy more than you ever will in the states. Keep praising him though, I like when you wear your true colors, NBC.

    tehkoalainsurgencytehkoalainsurgency7 days ago
  • Such an icon👏👏👏👏💞

    GLORIA PGLORIA P7 days ago
  • How old is he Don?

    bench영쌤bench영쌤7 days ago
  • blizzard in Texas usworlds.info/slow/video/nJmqsYrWgpp8a38

    Rff FffRff Fff7 days ago
  • I love this man. I don't even speak Spanish, but I watch his show.

    Kathrine KernsKathrine Kerns7 days ago
  • To me this guy was a perv. Yuk!

    Bluecloud BlueheartBluecloud Blueheart7 days ago
  • With all his human defects, he is a truly outstanding person.

    arebolararebolar7 days ago
  • We have a photograph of mygrandma, my mom, and my sister watching this show. We took the photo 5 months before my grandma passed away. Beautiful memories!❤❤ love you grandma!!!

    Danny SunayDanny Sunay7 days ago
  • A real legend

  • Yeah what about the dark side of this story ? If we all have that opportunity we also would be speaking of dreams that don’t exist

    Alex GonzalezAlex Gonzalez7 days ago
  • A true icon.......

    Fernando ZeledonFernando Zeledon7 days ago
    • #netflix

      Fernando ZeledonFernando Zeledon7 days ago
  • gotta thank the lad. he gave latino families entertainment WEEKLY.

    Hal Menacho SegoviaHal Menacho Segovia7 days ago
  • How many of us remember growing up with family that watched this man's show every Saturday night? 👋

    gilcruz1479gilcruz14797 days ago
    • blizzard in Texas usworlds.info/slow/video/nJmqsYrWgpp8a38

      Rff FffRff Fff7 days ago
  • This guy hosted a show I started watching back in 1988 called Sabado Gigante. He is a legend.

  • I dont like the way he rapid fire interviews

    Veronika IVeronika I7 days ago
  • I remember being very young and seeing sabado gigante every Saturday

    Zamurai ZKZamurai ZK7 days ago
  • My Mamma Is Sicilian she never wanted to watch American TV but every Saturday night she had to watch Sabado Gigante and watch Don. Francisco. She adored him. Sadly My Mamma passed away in 2013, but because of her I learned so much about other cultures. She loved the Latino culture, their music, their strength, their passion and ability to bring joy to others.

    Trinacria NelcuoreTrinacria Nelcuore7 days ago
  • He a Legend......

    Leonardo RiveraLeonardo Rivera7 days ago
  • The greatest threat to the sovereignty of the United States and the security of our people are the domestic terrorists we refer to as democrats. Unfortunately, that is not an opinion, it is the ONLY logical conclusion supported by all available empirical evidence

    John WelchJohn Welch7 days ago
  • Sabado Gigante💗 Don Fransico💗

    Noemi MNoemi M7 days ago
  • He's like 400 years old and he still looks 55. Lmao My mom used to joke about that when I was a kid and now I'm doing it too

    Lan SterLan Ster7 days ago
  • We miss him a lot ❤❤❤❤❤👍

    nelsy olsonnelsy olson7 days ago
  • ..... El Chacal

    EddyYTEddyYT7 days ago
  • Jose is the BEST

    Lui CobsLui Cobs7 days ago
  • Still alive this guy ....he has an interview with Jesus Christ

    Lui CobsLui Cobs7 days ago
  • It needs more cowbell

    John BartlettJohn Bartlett7 days ago
  • He touched my mom

    Joe TJoe T7 days ago
  • Tantos gratos momentos con Don Francisco....Muchas gracias José por la entrevista.

    Luz ValdesLuz Valdes7 days ago
  • Saturday’s have never been the same since Sabado Gigante went off air. Amazing legend will forever be cherished in my heart.

    Esther FabianEsther Fabian7 days ago
  • I grew up watching this show with my grandparents. Don Francisco is embedded in our childhoods, our memories, our families, and our hearts.

    Gilbert-Ian RuedaGilbert-Ian Rueda7 days ago
  • LEGEND......🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱

    Fabedog9Fabedog97 days ago
  • Most beautiful woman on that show 😍

    H H-GH H-G7 days ago
  • Great

    Ben CruzBen Cruz7 days ago
  • My novio has seis hija, D. Francisco has tres.

    Anya Cricket CochranAnya Cricket Cochran7 days ago
  • Sábado Gigante brought our family together every week

    No- ManchesNo- Manches7 days ago
  • El más grande !

    Michael MinehartMichael Minehart7 days ago
  • God bless this wonderful man.

    Mia RodriguezMia Rodriguez7 days ago
  • I hope 🤞 one day I get to meet him. A movie should be made about his life work.

    Glanny De LeonGlanny De Leon7 days ago
  • For sure.. So far I can’t remember a show that United families, Stop doing what we were doing sit together and watch a good Show. I wish that I can go back in the Future hug each one of my family member and let them know how much I love them.. What a Show that was.... Good times Thanks to Don Franciscoz

    Jose KureJose Kure7 days ago
  • 😢 ahh this man is my childhood

    Kimberly GuerreroKimberly Guerrero7 days ago
  • Don Francisco.....the best....used to watch the program with my parents... so much fun....thank you!

    Charles BronsonCharles Bronson7 days ago
  • Te amo Don Francisco! 💓💓💓

    Nina PadillaNina Padilla7 days ago
  • His show was so entertaining

    Eretzyś EEretzyś E7 days ago

    Ismael CortezIsmael Cortez7 days ago
  • Don Francisco que bendicion! Muy buena entrevista gracias! I remember the good old days when sabado gigante was on TV, made you feel great! This is a classic interview, thank you so much NBC!!

    Felipe ArevaloFelipe Arevalo7 days ago
  • He was around since I was in my diapers 😂 made my entire childhood!

    Subliminal EcstasySubliminal Ecstasy7 days ago
    • Yes can’t forget “a Los leones “

      Joel VazquezJoel Vazquez5 days ago
  • I love this man, it's like he is part of my life, we used to watch him every single saturday, I miss the show so much.

    MrXxsesshomaruxXMrXxsesshomaruxX7 days ago
    • blizzard in Texas usworlds.info/slow/video/nJmqsYrWgpp8a38

      Rff FffRff Fff7 days ago
  • Hello Don Francisco Am Tony Gamvoa all the way from Belize We love Sabado Givante

    Tony GamboaTony Gamboa7 days ago
  • Show had it all

    Maloso MikeMaloso Mike7 days ago
  • Don Francisco entertained latinos homes every Saturday night.

    EllofezEllofez7 days ago
    • @Stock Papi h hig

      inuohlatremasinuohlatremas6 days ago
    • 7pm - 9pm. Pan y cafe en la mano.

      Stock PapiStock Papi6 days ago
  • You could tell Jose knew Don Francisco is from his childhood. Is Jose Mexican or cuban..diaz sounds mexican

    Nicole BrownNicole Brown7 days ago
    • I studied abroad in Argentina and I can verify they are racists.

      Nicole BrownNicole Brown7 days ago
    • Actually, I didn't know that until I move to the US. The Cubans I met in Central America were very nice and friendly. I've been told that Argentinians think they are not Latinos but Europeans. The truth is that the majority of the population in Argentina is white and from German or Italian roots.

      Mary SMary S7 days ago
    • ​@Mary S dang.. Cubans are very anti-black...all communities of color are anti-black but cubans top the cake. I've heard all Latinos say that cubans think they're white.

      Nicole BrownNicole Brown7 days ago
    • He is from the US. But his parents were from Cuba.

      Mary SMary S7 days ago
  • I grew up watching Sabado Domingo while eating tamales

    Mary SMary S7 days ago
  • I loved this show! My mom and Dad would always watch it. ❤️

    Roxy BalderasRoxy Balderas7 days ago
  • Oh please his show was nothing more than a rip off of the game shows and variety shoes in english and if the me to movement would have been in his day he would be in jail.

    Lorenzo FigueroaLorenzo Figueroa7 days ago
    • 🤐 pendejo !

      Antonio BanderasAntonio Banderas7 days ago
    • A devil has spoken....

      Charles BronsonCharles Bronson7 days ago
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      Francis PaulFrancis Paul7 days ago
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      Francis PaulFrancis Paul7 days ago
  • Don Francisco 🇺🇸🥰American Dream

    Lisa Caran VlahosLisa Caran Vlahos7 days ago
  • Cool

    Truck TaxiTruck Taxi7 days ago
  • It didn't sound to me like broken English!

    Estanislao Herrera MoraEstanislao Herrera Mora7 days ago
  • He was accused of sexual harassment by a few his former female workers....but Univision always protected him because his show had the most ratings.

    J BJ B7 days ago
    • Don Francisco got a lot panochas

      Antonio BanderasAntonio Banderas7 days ago
    • when a girl says no she can acussed you of sexual harrassment. if she say yes is call a hook up LOL

      marvin cordovamarvin cordova7 days ago