Merrick Garland Testifies At Attorney General Confirmation Hearing | NBC News

Feb 22, 2021
290 776 Views

Watch live coverage as Judge Merrick Garland testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee for his confirmation hearing to be attorney general.
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Live: Merrick Garland Testifies At Attorney General Confirmation Hearing | NBC News

  • Garland is another mesias for the left.

    Nanno BelieverNanno Believer15 hours ago
  • Who said it was white supremacists that attacked the Capitol?

    Stephen DavisStephen Davis21 hour ago
  • Big boom at 901 cherry San Mateo. Antifa coming to your door step. You canceled wrong person. Watch and see

    Missy HammondMissy Hammond22 hours ago
  • Take back America. Get out your AR-15S. 1776

    Missy HammondMissy Hammond22 hours ago
  • merrick not qualified

    mama bearcakemama bearcakeDay ago
  • My dog would make a better AG than this stuttering asshat

    Dildo BagginsDildo BagginsDay ago
  • No matter what your political affiliation is, you simply can't hate Merrick Garland. If you do, you are not a human being.

    Ash MAsh M2 days ago
  • Priceless

    Daizagor _Daizagor _2 days ago
  • Now I'm only an hour and fifteen minutes into this hearing and I have a bad habit of commenting on. Videos before they are over but as of now I feel alot better about him than before. I was expecting something alot more partisan than I've Seen yet

    Adam CoxAdam Cox2 days ago
  • What the republicans are trying to do is to set up the AG so that when he go's after the rioters. They are going to say why is he not going after Blm protesters the same way that he is going after the rioters on the 6th of January.

    Matthew ThomasMatthew Thomas2 days ago
  • Looks like another puppet.

    Jim RobertsonJim Robertson2 days ago
  • Demorats are having a hearing about censoring our first amendment rights to all the liberals and democrats out there Just know this it's our right and duty to get ride of an government that's overbearing and leading to despotism. Not my problem you (liberals) and government officials don't know the law of the land.Just so you know the second amendment is for when you try to take our rights away So don't make me have to use it.

    LoRd DLoRd D2 days ago
  • remember only do the terror attacks at night.

    Gerbil13Gerbil132 days ago
  • Merrick Garland is a fascist

    Darran KernDarran Kern2 days ago
  • Crying Merrick would be a dangerous AG.

    Janick NormanJanick Norman2 days ago

    NoName RocksNoName Rocks2 days ago
  • Booker is another not job for real... Am i under a rock.. Trans-kid bullying, and inter-city blacks being arrested for weed by Feds?

    Joseph SmithJoseph Smith2 days ago
  • A perfect man for the kook lefts Attorney General. A moron and an apologist for all things left wing. Fits right in.

    Richard TurnerRichard Turner3 days ago
  • Don't like all the wishy-washiness. Don't like keeps making reference to Bidens agenda and his replies mostly seem like he is fine being second fiddle for the Biden Administration's agenda. Don't like his evasive answering of the second amendment, and especially when he was in line with the Biden's 2nd amendment agenda. ...and REALLY didn't like how he got emotionally charged(only saw it one time) over the mire mention on Vanita Gupta's name, Defending her like a father would his daughter's honor. Gupta is a total nut job, she makes AOC look good. Big no go for me....Next nominee please!!

    Joseph SmithJoseph Smith3 days ago
  • Synagogue of Satan

    George W Bush Center for IntelligenceGeorge W Bush Center for Intelligence3 days ago
  • this guys is not impressive at all but okay.

    Kelp SaladKelp Salad3 days ago
  • To-to-today junior. Can this guy even read?

    Emjay PineauEmjay Pineau3 days ago
  • Another Biden barnacle that just hangs around, clinging to the hull creating nothing but drag.

    theartist Diamondtheartist Diamond3 days ago
    • You mean "blustering" barnacles of trump repugs still clinging to former guy's "tale" of a stolen election?

      Loyi KyongLoyi Kyong20 hours ago
    • as opposed to the Trump barnacles who didn't have the experience, education or institutional knowledge to be even remotely competent? Someone qualified is who you take issue with?

      Leona CharlesLeona Charles2 days ago
  • This Garland guy almost makes Biden appear coherent. Almost. When Joe doesn't know.... he still keeps talking - a key difference.

    Rob MRob M3 days ago
    • That's probably why he was chosen, to make Biden look like the second most idiotic person in America.

      UrielUrielDay ago
  • Garland is going to be a great AG.

    Bennie CrawfordBennie Crawford3 days ago
  • This guy is a nut job who is way to old to be doing that job. How can he compare a bombing with massive deaths of adults and children to what happened. They want to stop free assembly unless you believe what they want you to believe. I’m sick of these old senile crazies. This reminds me high school politics. Ridiculous.

    Emma CortezEmma Cortez3 days ago
  • Gad, someone please put me in an induced coma the next four years!

    • I'd be glad to do so!

      a hufflepuffa hufflepuffDay ago
  • omfg, we're doomed. do you lefties REALLY believe you're smarter than everyone else?

  • GOP are bunch of jokers. Hahaha. Bunch of clowns

    Most GoodMost Good3 days ago
  • Hey Teddy. How was your vacation?

    Most GoodMost Good3 days ago
    • Don't you have more problems you should be questioning......Like Gv Cuomo Cover up all those dead bodies in New York? Or thats not important?

      FIRE BURNFIRE BURN2 days ago
    • not as bad as democrats on Epstein island.

  • All of The Democratics are Nasty Filthy Freedom Haters

    Brian BrinkerhoffBrian Brinkerhoff3 days ago
  • Every time Republicans open their mouths I cringe. #DISGRACEFULPARTY

    C MorganC Morgan3 days ago
  • What An Ugly Peace Of Strangeness

    Brian BrinkerhoffBrian Brinkerhoff3 days ago
  • What a joke and bad pick!!

    Tobias BirminghamTobias Birmingham3 days ago
  • I miss AG Barr

    Michael GardnerMichael Gardner3 days ago
  • Did you see that wonderful stammering / shuddering progressive buffoon fail to directly answer questions about illegal aliens entering the country? Uh uh uh um um uh uh um 🤤.....Judge Mathis would be a better candidate. Mumbling Merrick Isn’t even suited to preside over Divorce Court.

    mjb0183mjb01833 days ago
  • Mumbling Merrick is a dummy

    mjb0183mjb01833 days ago
  • Stupid Ads Grassly

    Michael HaganMichael Hagan3 days ago
    • @Michael Hagan absolutely right, how are you doing Michael? hope to get to know each other with time and patience.

      lydia Andersonlydia Anderson3 days ago
  • The absurdity of these hearings is breathe taking.... Cruz: Judge Garland, do you commit to resisting the pressure from the White House and Democrats to institute investigations of political opponents. Judge Garland: Yes....... Cruz: There are reports that Governor Cuomo from NY might have committed some crimes related to COVID19 reporting and administration in rest homes. Do you commit that you are going to investigate Governor Coumo to make sure he is brought to justice? Judge Garland: Maybe you should have taken that trip to Cancun after all..🥺🥺

    Daniel MoyoDaniel Moyo3 days ago
  • The typical democratic double standard here! Garland sees no terrorism in Portland riots but does in Capital riots WTF

    Paul AirolaPaul Airola3 days ago
    • @Althenia Bailey Also they did shut down many court houses and federal building for days and weeks during the 100+ day riots. So yes, that should be considered domestic terrorism

      Dildo BagginsDildo BagginsDay ago
    • @Althenia Bailey There is law and there are opinions. A judge should always side with the law. Period!

      Schekinah GlorySchekinah Glory3 days ago
    • If you actually took the time to listen to the WHY part of the answer, he said because the capitol was occupied at the time as opposed to the federal buildings in Portland, which were vandalized at night and had no occupants.

      Althenia BaileyAlthenia Bailey3 days ago
  • I think my favorite part was "Do you think illegal immigration should be illegal?" and he replies "I haven't really thought about it".... Mind blowing

    Storm PlooperStorm Plooper3 days ago
    • @susan deleon Here is something else I wrote before commenting to you.. Don't like all the wishy-washiness. Don't like keeps making reference to Bidens agenda and his replies mostly seem like he is fine being second fiddle for the Biden Administration's agenda. Don't like his evasive answering of the second amendment, and especially when he was in line with the Biden's 2nd amendment agenda. ...and REALLY didn't like how he got emotionally charged(only saw it one time) over the mire mention on Vanita Gupta's name, Defending her like a father would his daughter's honor. Gupta is a total nut job, she makes AOC look good. Big no go for me....Next nominee please!!

      Joseph SmithJoseph Smith2 days ago
    • @susan deleon If he was running for SC I would dig through his rulings to voice a better opinion, But I sure aint getting the apolitical vibe.. I watched from beginning to end TWICE... He referred way too many times to agreeing with the Biden administration agenda, with his own mouth. Did you watch the whole thing? without distractions?

      Joseph SmithJoseph Smith2 days ago
    • @Joseph Smith It is the other way around. He does not need to please them. They need to rely on his credentials. His answers are very calculated to show that he is apolitical.

      susan deleonsusan deleon2 days ago
    • @Martenson Lee lol no worries, I figured that's what you meant based on what you were saying but thought maybe my statement wasn't clear 😁

      Storm PlooperStorm Plooper2 days ago
    • @B Hoxified I;ve found most judges are not good attorneys .

      Joseph SmithJoseph Smith2 days ago
  • Apparently, most of the comments below are from people who didn't actually listen to the six-plus hours of testimony. This is how he responds to questions he wasn't provided in advance to rehearse.

    R. J. MartinR. J. Martin3 days ago
  • Oh look. It’s Um-Er-Ah Merrick I-Haven’t-Really-Thought-About-It Garland. What a sorry excuse for a judge.

    ValelacerteValelacerte3 days ago
    • @Schekinah Glory What he is saying is that he never actually took the time to think about the issue in a way that was not in his capacity as a judge. Some people actually like to think before they speak or form an opinion on an issue. It's a lost art.

      Althenia BaileyAlthenia Bailey3 days ago
    • @Althenia Bailey you can't be serious with these comment. He should actually he able to take a stand on the basis of the law. He has not stand!!!

      Schekinah GlorySchekinah Glory3 days ago
    • Maybe that's because he embodies what a judge should be. He applies the law according to the law, not what he thinks. That's actually a virtue for an unbiased judge, not a negative.

      Althenia BaileyAlthenia Bailey3 days ago
  • This man was a disaster, surely even democrats must have been thinking wtf with this man

    Mark JohnsonMark Johnson3 days ago
  • Another Biden loser

    joe ljoe l3 days ago
  • Beautiful dialogue between Booker and Garland. I'm so glad Ossoff won!

    Althenia BaileyAlthenia Bailey3 days ago
    • garland: "uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, . . ." This fake illegitimate CCP controlled "biden administration" is a DISASTER.

      Zack TheBongRipperZack TheBongRipper3 days ago
  • Garland=NAZI

    ralph111ralph1113 days ago
  • He knows nothing.

    Lee PyperLee Pyper3 days ago
  • How many times are the disgraceful republicans nuts bring up the Obama administration and completely skip over the 3 or was it 4 different AG’s that were there completely for fighting Donald Trump’s battles and not the people’s attorney. They are so hypocritical. Macy Hirono has bigger balls than most the men on that committee!

    Misty NolandMisty Noland3 days ago
  • Josh Halley is nauseating. 🤢🤢🤮

    Misty NolandMisty Noland3 days ago
    • As well as Cruz, Cotton, and Kennedy

      Althenia BaileyAlthenia Bailey3 days ago
  • Est-ce que ce "General Attorney" va enquêter sur les agissements des Démocrates qui s'acharnent sur Trump et essaient de le détruire financièrement par la suppression de ses affaires, les 2 patinoires, le terrain de Golf, etc... C'est plus que de l'acharnement c'est du harcèlement avec des medias et des juges corrompus comme on a pu le voir avec les montages vidéos sur l'attaque sous faux drapeau le 01/06/2021 au Capitol !!! Une mise en accusation avec des preuves falsifiées et des faux comptes Twitter faussement certifiés !

    Fabienne CastaingFabienne Castaing3 days ago
  • Garland should have been asked this question: " If a high government official threatens to withhold aid to a foreign government unless a prosecutor is fired to stop an investigation, is that extortion or bribery?"

    Norski fromNdakNorski fromNdak3 days ago
    • @Timothy Titre its called the same thing regardless of the "perpertraitor" but is it prosecutable? doesnt seem like it.

      anthony morrisanthony morrisDay ago
    • And When a POTUS DOES it what is it called .

      Timothy TitreTimothy Titre3 days ago
  • Garland must be nuts! He said the capitol riot Jan. 6th was more serious than the 1995 Oklahoma City federal courthouse bombing where 168 people were killed including 19 children in a daycare and 3 pregnant women - and injured more than 680 others - destroyed or damaged 324 other buildings within a 16-block radius - and destroyed 86 cars - causing an estimated $652 million worth of damage!

    PaulPaul3 days ago
  • He'll be confirmed!

    On the moveOn the move3 days ago
    • And the liberal agenda of MY FEELINGS MEAN MORE THAN FACTS AND LAWS will ensue

      Dildo BagginsDildo BagginsDay ago
  • This guy is one weak clueless SOB.

    Bubba LongBubba Long3 days ago
  • Thoroughly Corrupt! Will do nothing with ANTIFA and BLM Terrorists!

    john gigliojohn giglio3 days ago
  • Cruz, Graham, Cotton, Hawley, Blackburn & Kennedy make me want to barf

    Jacob FreehJacob Freeh3 days ago

      ralph111ralph1113 days ago
    • I literally did barf watching them.

      Misty NolandMisty Noland3 days ago
  • Grassley needs to retire, as do Leahy & Feinstein. Glad Durbin is in charge here

    Jacob FreehJacob Freeh3 days ago
  • THIS is what failure and mediocrity looks like. Watching the confirmation hearing yesterday, I was struck by the reminder Garland was previously nominated to serve on the United States Supreme Court. Listening to his puny mind, stuttering and wandering disconnect from statutory law and the Constitution, it was obvious a more unqualified nominee to SCOTUS does not exist. Yet it's only because of Senator McConnell's obstinance, much criticized at the time, that Merrick Garland is not blowing apart our Constitution on the Supreme Court to this very day. WithGarland as Attorney General, our system of laws will be broken. Corruption will rule DOJ-- just like Obama/BIDEN.

    Susan LindauerSusan Lindauer3 days ago
  • It's comforting to know that with all the problems facing America, Republicans are focused on..................Hunter Biden.

    Big TexBig Tex3 days ago
    • Would you consider China as one of those problems facing America?

      Rob MRob M3 days ago
  • all biden picks are IDIOTS. god i miss trump :(

    kam’s dadkam’s dad3 days ago
  • POS won't even defend America.

    Youtube AccountYoutube Account3 days ago
  • He's radical extremist

    edward thompsonedward thompson3 days ago
    • For being practically non partisan?

      AdventureM8AdventureM83 days ago
  • Saul Alinsky sucks

    Lone RangerLone Ranger4 days ago
  • We dodged a bullet with having this moron on the Supreme Court. But he seems like he’ll be a horrible AG as well, more worried about the phantom “White Supremacist” boogeyman than he is with protecting our freakin’ border with Mexico, or the real terrorists Antifa and BLM burning down our country and looting for 8 months straight.

    Dubba TrubbaDubba Trubba4 days ago
  • Wow this guy knows nothing either as a Supreme Court justice and even less as AG ..... He has no idea about Cartels or Left wing terrorism...... Parroting out of date talking points and the Dizzying Biden agenda

  • Garland's going after dirty Mitch

    alpha javaalpha java4 days ago
    • lol.... dont count on it.

      Al HallowAl Hallow4 days ago
  • He is very humble man. He is always emotional and that shows that he is a sincere person and with a good heart. I salute Judge Garland--very rare to have this kind of man and America needs him for the justice department. I totally agree with Senator, Judge Garland is an "extra ordinary person."

    susan deleonsusan deleon4 days ago
    • @Martenson Lee We are very uninformed viewers, being no legal experience in this field. He does not need to show that he is well knowledgeable for every political question. He is cautious. He was a successful prosecutor, deputy assistant to the justice department and a chief judge at the DC Circuit Court. He has a strong unquestioned reputation for the judicial knowledge. He has an open record on his judicial cases so nothing to prove. He knows how to use a strategy for every political question during this confirmation hearing. He is not allowing himself for being the "bait" of political intrigues.

      susan deleonsusan deleon2 days ago
    • Wrong ! ,a very uninformed man !

      Martenson LeeMartenson Lee3 days ago
  • All these questioning are crap and time wasting. Look at ACB. During hearing they will say what u want to hear, all yes man.

    David LowDavid Low4 days ago
  • These republicans act as if they did the right thing the last four years

    Rosa SoriaRosa Soria4 days ago
    • Are You A Freedom Hater. The Dems Have Fixation for Getting Some Poison In Your Arm

      Brian BrinkerhoffBrian Brinkerhoff3 days ago
    • @Lv.99 Mastermind the Hypocrisy is mind boggling

      Schekinah GlorySchekinah Glory3 days ago
    • The democrats act like they didn't just cheer half the country being burned down and people being beaten in the streets last year

      Lv.99 MastermindLv.99 Mastermind3 days ago
    • garland: "uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, . . ." This fake and illegitimate CCP controlled "biden administration" is a DISASTER.

      Zack TheBongRipperZack TheBongRipper3 days ago
    • @ralph111 you have it WRONG tRump = NAZI

      Timothy TitreTimothy Titre3 days ago
  • Oh boy! Look! It’s Cancun Cruz

    DeathBlazer 28DeathBlazer 284 days ago
  • "meuller...meuller...meuller...meuller?"

    Al HallowAl Hallow4 days ago
  • NBC, Thank you for showing the hearing. But your graphic "Merrick Garland.... Confirmation Hearing" covers the nameplates of everybody. It never leaves the screen. In the future, please be mindful of this. Thank you.

    Andrew_ASMRAndrew_ASMR4 days ago
  • Vote him out

    Ray MalloryRay Mallory4 days ago
  • Disgusting! I voted for Biden and defunding the police so my people can walk to the store without getting killed by police! Ending all racist means getting rid of military and police. Period!!! BLM ✊🏿!!!

    applehead252applehead2524 days ago
    • Keep voting Democrat you moron! You’ll eventually find out that they are the true fascists and racists.

      Dubba TrubbaDubba Trubba4 days ago
  • Seems competent. Wish he was a bit more left wing

    tripptripp4 days ago
  • After watching the hearings, did Mueller morph into this guy? Perhaps brothers from another mother?

    Scott DeatonScott Deaton4 days ago
    • Yyyytyyy

      Patricia LopezPatricia Lopez3 days ago
  • Constitutional privilege = CRUZ, HOLLY, Cronin, lee, republican! Ridiculous rich white boys that question the definition of racism.

    Brenda ClarkBrenda Clark4 days ago
    • You mad rich racist White KAREN? No wonder you’re a racist, you’re a Democrat!

      Dubba TrubbaDubba Trubba4 days ago
  • ENTITLED CRUZ! You seriously are a joke. Total vial piece of a fragmented human with no soul! U seriously have no legitimate human right to ask a man of this judges integrity to ask him a question, why you ask? Because you have no soul and less than zero amount of integrity! Why don’t u go back to Mexico! U loser!

    Brenda ClarkBrenda Clark4 days ago
    • Everyone of Hispanic heritage is Mexican to you? YOU are the red flag racist.

      Al HallowAl Hallow4 days ago
    • He’s Cuban you dumb KAREN! Democrats call you White Democrat KAREN’s useful idiots.

      Dubba TrubbaDubba Trubba4 days ago
  • Original sin was not slavery... stop changing history to suit your agenda

    Rachel DavisRachel Davis4 days ago
    • The original sin was lacing blankets with smallpox and killing the Native Americans with them. Slavery was a close second, but by far the worst and most disgusting sin of this nation

      Althenia BaileyAlthenia Bailey3 days ago
  • COTTON 😂😂😂 really you want to try and shame this judge over the issues your people perpetuate! Wow that’s pretty low!

    Brenda ClarkBrenda Clark4 days ago
  • Senator cornin are u serious? You guys are so red flag racist! It’s so disgusting and you should resign

    Brenda ClarkBrenda Clark4 days ago
  • garland is treason ,he working for china

    democratic cheaterdemocratic cheater4 days ago
    • ???

      AdventureM8AdventureM83 days ago
  • Dude worry about yourself! Kennedy dude YES YOU ARE racist! THE FACT YOU HAVE TO ASK SHOWS YOU HAVE NO LOVE FOR EVERYONE! Dude youre so sad!

    Brenda ClarkBrenda Clark4 days ago
    • Race this and that. Ain't you tired? He/she who calls another racist is usually the racist. Arent you one?

      Geraldrico Guevara™Geraldrico Guevara™2 days ago
  • 😂😂😂” does that mean I am a racist” I think senator Kennedy is trying to figure out that he is racist!

    Brenda ClarkBrenda Clark4 days ago
    • The left throws out the word racist more than the crazy bird lady in CP throws birdseed

      Dildo BagginsDildo BagginsDay ago
    • Lmao!

      Maija's TarotMaija's Tarot2 days ago
    • He has been in denial his whole life. I think a lightbulb went off

      Althenia BaileyAlthenia Bailey3 days ago
  • And let him answer or don’t ask the question. God you guys have nothing better to do that twist and divert facts. Oh cause racism has no leverage to stand behind. Racist senator Kennedy!

    Brenda ClarkBrenda Clark4 days ago
    • 😪😪😪

      Trüe BritTrüe Brit4 days ago
  • Why did you mention that u both are the same age? As if he should be a racist like you Kennedy? Your seriously don’t deserve to share that last name. If you could see how millions and millions of Americans (more than half) see you! You’re disgusting 🤮

    Brenda ClarkBrenda Clark4 days ago
  • So nice to see Ossoff and Warnock in the senate doing their thing!

    f davidf david4 days ago
    • Corrupt Commies and low-life’s, both of them. Only losers vote Democrat.

      Dubba TrubbaDubba Trubba4 days ago
    • tripp something republicans are not well known for doing thnk you Georgia

      Blue PhoenixBlue Phoenix4 days ago
    • Dfis that oh good

      Mot DoaiMot Doai4 days ago
    • They’re working their ossoffs!!!

      tripptripp4 days ago
  • Protect pro lifers or “conservatives” that their rights will be protected? Then you are protected for being LESS TGAN HALF OF THE POPULATION! So don’t do the things you feel are wrong but be clear because you feel it’s wrong Donets make it wrong or illegal! KAREN LEE

    Brenda ClarkBrenda Clark4 days ago
  • Chuck, retire. Just retire.

    Nathan BrooksNathan Brooks4 days ago
  • Inasmuch as many have undertaken to compile a narrative of the things which have been accomplished among us, just as they were delivered to us by those who from the beginning were eyewitnesses and ministers of the word, it seemed good to me also, having followed all things closely for some time past, to write an orderly account for you, most excellent The-oph′ilus, that you may know the truth concerning the things of which you have been informed.

    #GodsWordJesus #da_m00n Stambolian: Biography#GodsWordJesus #da_m00n Stambolian: Biography4 days ago
  • The painful iron anecdotally guarantee because sharon objectively calculate besides a bumpy ash. known, erect suggestion

    Lovett LoisLovett Lois4 days ago
  • Reporting across the media confirms that Garland sides with law enforcement instead of holding police accountable for misconduct. So much for Biden having black America's back.

    Alexander LavinAlexander Lavin4 days ago

    Tom GatewoodTom Gatewood4 days ago
  • What happened on Jan 6th at the Capital was outrageous. So that being said, wtf is with Democrats and Garland " Armed white supremacists "? Complete lies. A reporter on tv just reported there was no proof of " white supremacists " or guns being used (other than a cop killing an unarmed white women) Dems who say " we speak true and fact" are bull shutters. Dems are all about what color or gender a person is. Why? I thought people were judge based on their corrector? Garland is a hack. His answers were " I dont know" He say he didnt know about enforcing existing laws....immigration and illegal entry. Come on man, be a honest person.

    WSOX ManWSOX Man4 days ago
  • Guy in purple tie having a good sleep

    496jas496jas4 days ago
    • 😂

      On the moveOn the move3 days ago
  • Yeah he’s an insider. He’ll do nothing about the fbi collusion with huesein Obama and Clinton and he’ll focus on domestic terrorism. So where was he last summer in his opinion? Domestic terrorist were all over the country trashing our cities. He will however focus on perpetuating the narrative that whites are racist and skinheads. See what obiden is doing in DC. This is going to be bad for free people of non color as there’s an assault on whites in America... if you can’t see it take a look at the critical Race theory being shoved down our kids throats.. and white employees in American corporations like coke and target to name a few.

    Mach OneMach One4 days ago
  • That is rich after Barr, Senator Cruz.

    Velvet BartonVelvet Barton4 days ago
    • Velvet Barton my sentiments exactly ,,That TOAD Barr

      Timothy TitreTimothy Titre3 days ago

    Jukka MiettinenJukka Miettinen4 days ago
  • WHO..???.!!

    Andrew MayfieldAndrew Mayfield4 days ago