Meet The Press Broadcast (Full) - February 21st, 2021 | Meet The Press | NBC News

Feb 21, 2021
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Dr. Anthony Fauci and Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, break down what it will take for schools to fully reopen. Former Rep. Will Hurd (R-Texas) discusses the weather disaster in Texas. Kristen Welker, Cornell Belcher, Pat McCrory (R-N.C.) and Susan Page join the Meet the Press roundtable to talk about intraparty divisions.
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Meet The Press Broadcast (Full) - February 21st, 2021 | Meet The Press | NBC News

  • ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Song 2021: > THE CHANGE < ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

    Eckhard BlockEckhard Block3 hours ago
  • ma che sta dire vio a roma y non buto la oportunit di farmi un control tutti puntano al maledetti soldi soldi bblabb

    Tania Garcia duenasTania Garcia duenas3 hours ago
  • Omg the variants ...!!!!!!!!! It’s hoaxvid

    Legacy TurboLegacy Turbo3 hours ago
  • Fauci has flip flopped on EVERY single thing he's said, everything. There's not 1 claim he's made where he wasn't saying the exact opposite weeks before. I honestly haven't seen anyone flip a much as he does. Funny how the media willfully ignores & covers it all up. Anyone can take 5 mins & Google him flip flopping & see that the guy just changes from day to day, whatever the democrats are saying that particular week, that's what he says, even if it completely contradicts what he said last week. Amazing people still watch this garbage and believe it. Surprises me, how many ignorant people there are in this country

    Johnny MnemonicJohnny Mnemonic4 hours ago
  • Hmmm.. O.k...thanks🥣👌😊

    Hank AchamHank Acham6 hours ago
  • Fake news and fake doctors trying to convinces the masses that this poison vaccine is good for us!!

    Monique SmithMonique Smith6 hours ago
  • I wish Dr. Fauci would keep quiet.

    triple playtriple play7 hours ago
  • Why are people still listening to this little pipsqueak make-pretend doctor? (Over a flu with a death rate of 0.003%)

    Patrick CPatrick C8 hours ago

    Michael SmithMichael Smith8 hours ago

    Goku GohanGoku Gohan8 hours ago
  • Arrest Fauci

    petestreetpetestreet8 hours ago
  • U

    Taj ChaganiTaj Chagani11 hours ago
  • STOP!!FAKE news!!Trump is God's son!!

    오드리헵시바오드리헵시바13 hours ago
  • People, wake-up!Jesus comes Soon

    오드리헵시바오드리헵시바13 hours ago
  • Pigs an lies

    Peter MillingtonPeter Millington14 hours ago
  • Fuckie u have no clue

    Davidi FarmerDavidi Farmer15 hours ago
  • Hey! What happened to the flu!?!?!

    Tune StoneTune Stone21 hour ago
  • They don't want to give the power back, never 🙅🙅 give up all yourself to one person, unless it's God!!!

    Jowanda ThomasJowanda Thomas22 hours ago
  • school can open up when you all stop listening to doctor lousy Nancy Pelosi and listen to what God is telling you inside that goes for the teachers, the kids d to be back to school period

    Jowanda ThomasJowanda Thomas22 hours ago
  • They don't know what to do at this point! I hope they can hurry up and fix it.

    Edith PhillipsEdith Phillips23 hours ago
  • People who never had covid took the vaccine to prevent them end up getting covid through the vaccine they are hospitalized people praying saying it's a cure from god no it's not he say there will be various diseases that there will be no cure for this covid was made by man so as the vaccine there's no cure for cancer or aids but there's a cure for covid.... the devil at work stop the world from going forward one world order is what it's being played just look how everything have stop more people will die from this vaccine

    la ojitos de miella ojitos de mielDay ago
  • USworlds needs to quit putting this crap on my tv

    DrewskickinitDrewskickinitDay ago
  • At what point did left media become worse than the right?

    Max WestMax WestDay ago
  • Let each school make their own rules when it comes to terms of closures required when a student or teacher tests positive and have NOT been in close contacts with my children. Keep schools open!

    Kelly Collini ColbergKelly Collini ColbergDay ago
  • School is safe! Update the restrictions to resemble the new data. Please. Our children are hurting. Teachers in our school desperately want to be IN School. Don’t close schools with just 2 un connected cases. Quarantine the classroom only! My children have lost an entire year and no one is paying attention !!! Schools are safe. Don’t listen to only the UFT!! There are students, parents and teachers WANT to go!

    Kelly Collini ColbergKelly Collini ColbergDay ago
  • Never open schools again or concerts or colleges or pubs, these places are so disease laden, we can not go back to such awful times where children played together and people sang and danced together this was such an awful time in our history that we should never return to

    party packparty packDay ago
  • Phonies on display.

    adi racquetballadi racquetballDay ago
  • And BTW was " where's your mask?" the first phrase that they taught the million people they gave green cards to at the border? They're not going to be worried about paying for masks. We just lost 100,000s of jobs between small business. Not needing so many employees because less customers. No lawn service. No building. Where are they going to get money? Us? The government? Us? It can't be the public there's no jobs. Bartenders, waitresses, salon people, Deli's. I mean I drive around and see less everyday. What is going to happen to Corona now? What does "Dr." Faucci have to say about them? I truly pray that people look to the Lord and not people to tell them what they know or what their brain deduces. God gives us a solid mind because He doesn't want sheep who just listen and don't use our own thought. Sheep get lost all the time because they're not that bright. We are all like sheep who have gone astray. It's not to worry about this future but you are being distracted from the real question. This world is going off the rails. The confusion the hate. We have to look above. God is the answer. Man isn't getting more caring; about others anyway. I love you all. Even the Spanish it's just they're only pawns.

    Priscilla ScottPriscilla ScottDay ago
  • نونہالوں کا امیون سسٹم بلوغت پر طاقتور ہوتا ھے جبکہ بل گیٹس' کے دلال 90 سے صحت کے نام پہ آپکے نونہالوں کی جان لیتے آۓ ھیں تو جان لیجیۓ بندر کا پیشاب بذات خود پولیو کینسر اور بانجھ پن کا سبب ھے آپ ‏ماسک نہ پہنیں ورنہ آکسیجن آپکے پھیپھڑوں تک نہ جاۓ گی اور کاربن باہر نہ نکلے گی جس سے آپکی طبیعت خراب 'ہو جاۓ گی سوشل ڈسٹنس کا ناٹک اسلۓ رچایا جا رہا ھے تاکہ RFID کام کرے اور آپکو کنٹرول کیا جاسکے جان لیجیۓ آپ کو مارنے کی تیاری ھے بیماری سے پہلے علاج کرائم ھے اور آرٹیکل 227 کیخلاف ھے نیز یہ لوگ ھمارے بزرگوں کا نام و نشان مٹانا چاھتے ھیں اور بعد ازاں نونہالوں کو قتل کریں گے - ھیومن رائٹس بریگیڈ حرب ابن شجاع بنو ھاشم (القریش) بلیک بیلٹ ڈن ||| 0315 510 5000 0305 510 5000 HUMAN RIGHTS BRIGADE 👥

  • F chuck randy

  • Until we begin to accept the fact that these scientists are controlling the population with fear we will never be free. We were born free and yet these strangers continue to tell us what to do. Not one media person has asked Fauci nor bill gates if they are taking the vaccine on national tv should raise questions and concern

    JoeTheStreetzJoeTheStreetzDay ago
  • Fauci- “the leading expert”” LOL- what a LOSER!! I wouldn’t listen to that flamer if recommended a bandaid for a cut- LOL

    Mortal ManMortal ManDay ago
  • Shut up chuck

    lolorider64 Hendersonlolorider64 HendersonDay ago
  • Dr Fauc is an amazing actor. He should be nominated for an Oscar!

    Carsten LarsenCarsten LarsenDay ago
    • only a fool would believe that creep

      DrewskickinitDrewskickinitDay ago
    • That's coming 😂

      Misty blueMisty blueDay ago
  • I can't i just can't listen to this dude anymore

    Catherine CrawfordCatherine CrawfordDay ago
    • straight wanna wack a mole the jackpot out of him

      g mikug miku9 hours ago
  • Lying through his teeth!!!

    Catmamma79Catmamma79Day ago
  • The biggest lieing in the world stay in the spolight

    James WilsonJames WilsonDay ago
  • This is Chinese propaganda for the sheep

    Wayne ClaremontWayne ClaremontDay ago
  • Propaganda news

    Wayne ClaremontWayne ClaremontDay ago
  • NBC -Now Broadcasting for China

    Wayne ClaremontWayne ClaremontDay ago
  • They said earlier that kids are not at risk getting covid at school now they say teachers are at risk ?

    Anne ThompsonAnne ThompsonDay ago

      Michael SmithMichael Smith8 hours ago
  • Them blue collar workers going to Republican party are cutting off their noses Inspite their faces & need to breath. They are voting to keep themselves in poverty caz Republicans want rich to get richer & poor to get poorer!

    Pat MillerPat MillerDay ago
  • I don't think natural gas will completely go away, just more cleaner energy for the climate, which we have to get under control to settle down all these storms, ice melting at north pole

    Pat MillerPat MillerDay ago
  • Hello there, Welcome to meet the press. The program that Brought you such gems as, the Russian collusion hoax. The Covington kids hoax. The peaceful summer riots hoax and the murder of officer Sicknick hoax. With such personalities like the killer of Newyork, ÇCCRISS CCCUOMO! and not forgetting, flip flopping DRRRRR AAAANDREW FAUCI! Welcome to NBC, the home of fake news.

    Mervyn LewisMervyn LewisDay ago
  • Has Dr Fauci had his vaccination yet? In a previous interview, he said that the vaccine does give immunity against Covid. So why are we being forced to take this vaccine?

    Errol HunterErrol HunterDay ago
  • E.l.e.c.t.i.o.n F.r.a.u.d is real. MSM is lying to you. If you don't believe me go look for your self. The truth is out there.

    SixgunSixgunDay ago
  • Both guests are horrible people, Randy's a clown who steals union money from teachers and launders it back to d. N. C. And Dr doom is is a clown who let kids die with aids. Both should be in jail

    AmazonjudeAmazonjudeDay ago
  • I am so tired of the Fauci Fraud and all us meek lil children that follow along just like we have to..when will this control stop???never?..Humans love power and control..the longer we allow it, the longer we will be controlled

    Shirley JohnsonShirley JohnsonDay ago
  • If teacher has COVID-19, every child in class is at risk. If a child has COVID-19, everyone is at risk too!

    Dancing lilyDancing lilyDay ago
  • Put it like this if he had seven or eight kids at home those schools would have been open back up LOL

  • This is what is getting me If we are doing self service check out why can we get a discount at the register since we do all the work scan bag and clean the carts. Clean your ac filters monthly in big buildings for the indoor clean air act.

    J DubJ DubDay ago
  • "Stop I cant breath" there is no covid just influezema passed by infected person that is sick. Buildings ac filters need clean monthly military needs to be the test no mask clean spaces daily sick go to medical not work.

    J DubJ DubDay ago
  • Total Crap, WHO is corrupted by China and the Dems, are full of lies and crap

    Amir AbdollahAmir AbdollahDay ago
  • Chuck you think highly of yourself. Your Your biggest fan

    Buddy JR RoeBuddy JR RoeDay ago
  • No school data but wear your mask

    Buddy JR RoeBuddy JR RoeDay ago
  • One good reason to listen to people that can't be honest to save their life.

    Buddy JR RoeBuddy JR RoeDay ago
  • Better off tucking your tail and going away. More lies isn't helping your cause mr f

    Buddy JR RoeBuddy JR Roe2 days ago
  • Media like this is the problem with are country. You have blood on your hands and are well aware of that

    Buddy JR RoeBuddy JR Roe2 days ago
    • Trump has blood on his hands.

      Alex McAlex McDay ago
  • scotty mar 10.. watch an wake up

    Bobbi TraviseBobbi Travise2 days ago
  • Accept the truth? You lie & surpress the truth! You litterally cover up the truth that massive election fraud is real!

    Cynthia WoodsCynthia Woods2 days ago
  • Republic form of government? Wasn't that a Democratic? This isn't a Democratic or Republic style! This is now a Marxist coup

    Cynthia WoodsCynthia Woods2 days ago
  • These people are sidestepping issue because they LIE! What is this guy even saying! My head is spinning!

    Cynthia WoodsCynthia Woods2 days ago
  • I heard China is in control over their power grid! That Biden just signed that bill! That's WHY the bill was so high!

    Cynthia WoodsCynthia Woods2 days ago
  • The snow is not melting! Its synthetic!

    Cynthia WoodsCynthia Woods2 days ago
  • They are trying to accomplish population control through this so CALLED VACCINE! I saw an expected target of 200 million people reduction in the US by 2025!

    Cynthia WoodsCynthia Woods2 days ago
  • What liars! He is manipulating people getting them prepared for TOTAL MANDATORY vaccines! I just heard ISRAEL just passed a MANDATORY VACCINE!

    Cynthia WoodsCynthia Woods2 days ago
  • Fauci is an ethnic jew.

    Aryan white ManAryan white Man2 days ago
  • My friend got a viral lung infection because of having to wear a mask everyday at work, not from covid-19

    Aryan white ManAryan white Man2 days ago
    • I know a few people that's gotten sick from wearing Masks all day, I just wish more people would stand up to these people

      Misty blueMisty blueDay ago
  • 75% thumbs up, 0% positive comments, yea sure dudeeees.

    Stefan FreiStefan Frei2 days ago
  • Whenever a liar is about to lie , they will lead with ‘ thank you for asking that questions

    Pinche GringoPinche Gringo2 days ago
    • I noticed that too

      Misty blueMisty blueDay ago
  • Ç

    Anwar AwadAnwar Awad2 days ago
  • covid is not a medical problem , its a UN NWO WHO communist global problem . ​this covid 19 terrorist attack on the world is quiet brazen. Even more brazen than 9/11

    old bikerold biker2 days ago
  • Fauci the worlds biggest bulls hitter ,

    old bikerold biker2 days ago
  • I just realized, Chuck has no lips. Wow, that is crazy.

    Shane MacgregorShane Macgregor2 days ago
  • No thanks. Better to home school these days anyway.

    Mark RobertMark Robert2 days ago
  • Fire fuccui

    Patrick McbrewhöusePatrick Mcbrewhöuse2 days ago
  • Dr. Anthony Fauci should be kept off TV . He is just trying to get seen and he constantly contradicts himself .

    Robert VitorreRobert Vitorre2 days ago
  • Fauci is evil

    AC NOW MCAC NOW MC2 days ago
  • Fauci is one of the worst things that's happened to this country

    Deanna DevineDeanna Devine2 days ago
  • Faucci is a fraud and scum bag and so are you if your still buying this narrative what a bunch of naive fools man I csnt believe some people these days makes me wanna puke

    Christian contentChristian content2 days ago
  • When schools open? Ours never closed.

    Maria WrenMaria Wren2 days ago
    • You are so fvcked up bih

      ArghArgh2 days ago
  • Fauchi should be brought up on charges for malpractice. He told everyone NOT to wear mask, causing this whole spread.

    Enough AlreadyEnough Already2 days ago
  • Lies. False more lies. Yes master. I watch actors.

    adam litwhileradam litwhiler2 days ago
  • Horrible actors.

    adam litwhileradam litwhiler2 days ago
  • All the right wing Covid Deniers are here in the comments. You psychos still think it's a Dem hoax. Wake up from your death cult.

    Hope SpringsHope Springs2 days ago
  • Dr Fraud is a POS

    Squeeky WheelSqueeky Wheel2 days ago
  • I just don't care.

    OBJECT 420OBJECT 4202 days ago
  • Who is this guy. He did not care about children. This people is joke. This virus is a FRAU.

    Maria MartinezMaria Martinez2 days ago
  • Fauci the traitor troll is Evil 😈

    Virgo GirlVirgo Girl2 days ago
  • Chuck Toad is a moron, he's host of fake news that is only there to lie and stir the pot to devide the people constantly. Im glad they don't pay him much compared to other fake news hosts.

    Steve GreeneSteve Greene2 days ago
  • Man, you have tons of qanon idiots on this comment section. Idiocracy runs rampit in america right now!

    Denice BankstonDenice Bankston2 days ago
  • It's a money game the more you give the more they take and we are at. Trillions now theyakw me sick let's get rich off covo19) Let get rich off climate change lllets get rich off the students llers get rich off the 14.00 hour w3 pay 700 it's all a money he and we lose always make pay thease people for what gotnya

    Jonathan MurrayJonathan Murray2 days ago
  • Pat Toomey needs more education about Democrats and democratic policies. No one wants "open borders". We do want immigrants and asylum seekers to be able to receive shelter.

    Denice BankstonDenice Bankston2 days ago
  • How can they support it it not real we need a stand alone bill for covo not this heavy bullahit

    Jonathan MurrayJonathan Murray2 days ago
  • The necessary tyvek unintentionally shop because snowman structurally gaze by a abnormal squid. succinct, secret search

    asf sdffsasf sdffs2 days ago
  • X Governor Andrew Cuomo has created a culture within his administration where sexual harassment and bullying is so pervasive that it is not only condoned but expected. His inappropriate behavior toward women was an affirmation that he liked you, that you must be doing something right,” Boylan wrote. “He used intimidation to silence his critics. And if you dared to speak up, you would face consequences.” WONDER IF CHUCKY WILL REPORT ABOUT THIS??

    alex johnsonalex johnson2 days ago

    alex johnsonalex johnson2 days ago
  • Thank Trump for making Covid and science a political issue. He did call it a "democratic hoax", after all. And how many times did he tell his supporters to wear masks as president? 0. How many Deaths from covid does Japan have? 7,000. How many does USA have? 510,000. Wonder why.

    mike litorismike litoris2 days ago
  • Dr. Fauci looks well rested.

    MadeByGod1973MadeByGod19732 days ago
  • মাথা কেটে রাখবেন না? আর না হয় ভাগ করে দুই জন। আমি ও দেখি শেষ পর্যন্ত কি হয়। আমি শুধু এটুকু বলবো বিন্দু পরিমান ছাড় ও আমি দিবো না।

    Nirob AhmedNirob Ahmed2 days ago