NBA Coach Becky Hammon A Trailblazer For Other Women Transforming The World Of Sports | NBC News

May 2, 2021
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Becky Hammon describes to NBC News’ Hoda Kotb the confidence and resilience that led to her becoming the first woman in charge of an NBA team. NFL agent Nicole Lynn and college basketball coach Adia Barnes also detail the strength they have found in each other’s accomplishments.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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NBA Coach Becky Hammon A Trailblazer For Other Women Transforming The World Of Sports | NBC News

  • Well...she’s learning from the best!

    Chop ChopChop Chop3 days ago
  • Is this title suggesting she’s replacing Stotts?

    dillciferdillcifer3 days ago
  • This is powerful ❤️👑🖤

    nkululeko nazonkululeko nazo4 days ago
  • Hitting players in their a** that's something else interesting

    Simon Peter OcakaconSimon Peter Ocakacon4 days ago
  • She looks old for 44 year old

    Andres DominguezAndres Dominguez4 days ago
  • She better win like any other coach. She will be fired.

    Bobby RodriguezBobby Rodriguez4 days ago
  • This is what you call a strong independent women. Not sme random on Instagram or onlyfans

    Nehemiah HicksNehemiah Hicks4 days ago
  • Becky also played for the Russian women's national team because the USA team did not select her to compete in 2008 or 2012 (I forget the exact year).

    Stephen AndersonStephen Anderson4 days ago
  • O please just do your job Jesus Christ

    OozBuba GunezOozBuba Gunez4 days ago
  • This is not good for nba game. These are men who wont tolerate a women telling them what to do

    Crystal MurilloCrystal Murillo5 days ago
    • SPURS culture isn't like the rest. Our scouts pick players that give respect not divas like LA or NY

      Ernest PerezErnest Perez4 days ago
  • We done need her Men are for this sport not women

    Crystal MurilloCrystal Murillo5 days ago
  • By the end of this year the following teams will need new coaches: Kings, Celtics, and maybe the Bucks. And she will get one of those positions.

    Fit PotatoFit Potato5 days ago
  • she's mad pretty

    P. g.13P. g.135 days ago
  • Let’s wait for the law suit of sexual assault, harassment, or discrimination because she’s the only woman around men.

    Travis BattlesTravis Battles5 days ago
  • Such a great story. Little girl from South Dakota that made the big times!

    Mark's Delicious AdventuresMark's Delicious Adventures5 days ago
  • she is dope !!!!!

    terrance howardterrance howard5 days ago

    D LegionnaireD Legionnaire5 days ago
  • No way should she be the coach. I don't think we would be talking about this story if it was anybody else. There's plenty of coaching jobs available without her trying to disrupt the NBA coaching ranks.

    Dennis LindseyDennis Lindsey5 days ago
    • LOL, triggered snowflake.

      SempuukyakuSempuukyaku5 days ago
    • What is she disrupting? She has been putting in the time, as a die hard spurs fan who has seen her with the team from day one, I have zero issue with her hopefully taking over when pop is done.

      musicvideos2695musicvideos26955 days ago
  • She needs to go to the Kings.

    YoungBae 518YoungBae 5186 days ago
    • @YoungBae 518 lots of talent on kings that needs to be harnessed but nah she is good. I actually like her and saw her from day one as a spur and wouldn’t mind her taking over when popovich retires

      musicvideos2695musicvideos26955 days ago
    • @musicvideos2695 She can be on the Kings next season, straight up. Fox would be a superstar undr the tutelage of a fellow PG as coach.

      YoungBae 518YoungBae 5185 days ago
    • Sorry but we aren’t trying to ruin her before she even starts lol. She is staying with my Spurs and would love her taking over pop when he retires

      musicvideos2695musicvideos26955 days ago

    unrulypitch sicariounrulypitch sicario6 days ago
  • What's her record?

    MurlyndMurlynd6 days ago
  • Spurs haven't been back to finals ever since she joined their coaching staff 😆

    btone31btone316 days ago
    • You kinda sorta sound dumb you know. So basically before she got there Spurs been to the finals every year? 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • If you can't get publicity by winning on the court you have to get it other ways. Still, you must be pretty desperate if you're going to hire a woman coach.

    Thomas De QuinceyThomas De Quincey6 days ago
    • She's a coach not a player

      Ernest PerezErnest Perez4 days ago
    • We are talking about the 5 time champion spurs, this franchise that has ever been known for scandal or in search of fame.

      musicvideos2695musicvideos26955 days ago
  • I'm offended by this I am an actual trailblazer and to say someone of this stature can do my job not knowing how hard it is to blaze trails don't call somebody a trailblazer unless they've actually cleared any trails in their life

    Christopher GrecoChristopher Greco6 days ago
    • Thank you for your service.

      MurlyndMurlynd6 days ago
    • Those of you who like to go camping or go up to the national parks and like to walk on our beautiful trailsor those of you who like to go 4-wheeling on either level 1 level 2 level 3 level 4 level 5 off-road trails yeah it's people like me who have to clear those trails when the fire comes through or when it just rains every year we trail blazers go through the forest breaking our equipment to make your life easier Stay on the trail don't get lost

      Christopher GrecoChristopher Greco6 days ago
  • She is an excellent coach & an excellent role model.

    David EllisDavid Ellis6 days ago
    • @Quentin Alexzander Yup, have been using Flixzone for since december myself =)

      Cesar AronCesar Aron6 days ago
    • pro tip: you can watch movies at Flixzone. Been using it for watching lots of of movies these days.

      Quentin AlexzanderQuentin Alexzander6 days ago
  • If anyone deserves to be Head Coach of Spurs, it's Becky. Pop has a great eye for talented people so it's no surprise he embraces Becky. The state of my Spurs team is a challenge now but with those young guys and hopefully Becky taking over after Pop leaves, things will get better.

    The Influence of ManyThe Influence of Many6 days ago
    • TIoM - . . .as long as it's not a BLACK guy . . . .

      Ennis WhalenEnnis Whalen5 days ago
  • Holy Quran chapter 29, verse 61: If indeed thou ask them who has created the heavens and the earth and subjected the sun and the moon (to his Law), they will certainly reply, "Allah". How are they then deluded away (from the truth)?

    Study on IslamStudy on Islam6 days ago
    • @Make Racists Afraid Again but your CREATOR is... don't let man ruin your spirit.

      earlyburd78earlyburd785 days ago
    • But religions are not real

      Make Racists Afraid AgainMake Racists Afraid Again6 days ago