NBC News NOW Full Broadcast - April 30th, 2021 | NBC News NOW

Apr 30, 2021
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The date for the funeral of Andrew Brown Jr. has been set as four North Carolina sheriff deputies return to work after his death, vaccine hesitancy in Georgia has caused the state's vaccination demand to wind down as hesitancy among white evangelicals poses a challenge for state health officials, President Biden call on the U.S. to invest in the Amtrak.
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  • WOW 😳 Want to follow Trump and what he is up to?? www.donaldjtrump.com/desk

    greensmashgreensmash2 days ago
  • So what this police department is saying is “we allow both good apples and bad apples to work side by side with each other.”

    Winton LeeWinton Lee3 days ago
  • So they're still on the job in which they'll continue with their bad behavior because they know that they can get away with such pulling this lady's hair just makes my soul sick but their day will come because God has the last word

    RealqueenRealqueen3 days ago
  • Transgender women should not compete against women for the simple fact that transgender women are physically still men. This gives them an advantage over the women they compete against.

    Darlene XDarlene X3 days ago
  • Did anyone else catch her say "she doesn't look like someone that NEEDS to be handled that way"? Does she really believe that it is ok to treat some or any people like that at a traffic stop because that's what I thought she meant?

    Y LY L3 days ago
  • Donald Trump

    robertmccoy mccoyrobertmccoy mccoy3 days ago
  • Cleared: never fired their weapons, sounds reasonable to me

  • is the train thing on purpose? i thought it was a movie from long ago (30s), USA has no electric trains before covid? we had that since 20 years ago, and more, u are advertising a train from world war 1? in 2021 haha send me the honks i'll annoy a lot of neighbors with them

    ubonyeleubonyele3 days ago
  • i"m follow

    Fausto RotillesFausto Rotilles4 days ago
  • i want to lean and suport me to check my words be write...

    Fausto RotillesFausto Rotilles4 days ago
  • If people just let folks live their choice in life style, and stay true to what humans biological make-up is designed for; yo should be fine. It this you boy wants to be a girl then let him, that's his choice. I know he is a boy but I'll respect his choice. But when it comes to physical advantages then we as humans need to think about the equality in that aspect.

    BLACK8ces Basketball NBA2K20-30BLACK8ces Basketball NBA2K20-304 days ago
  • Yeah these idiots going to lose their jobs and get sued...the age of this woman did not require this level of force....Idiots

    BLACK8ces Basketball NBA2K20-30BLACK8ces Basketball NBA2K20-304 days ago

    greensmashgreensmash4 days ago
  • What's up with OVER & OVER ???? 😒

    lady painterlady painter4 days ago
  • WOW 😳 The vaccine is the bioweapon. Specifically, the spike protein is the bioactive weapon, and it is designed to spread from person to person, being transmissible from the vaccinated in order to infect the unvaccinated. People who are injected with the mRNA vaccine are having their bodies turned into bioweapons factories, churning out spike protein particles which they shed through their mouths and skin, infecting everyone around them. The spike protein is biologically active and causes blood clots, leading to strokes, heart attacks, pulmonary embolism and infertility effects. We've finally figured out the exact mechanism of how this vaccine is designed to achieve global extermination. It's called a "self-replicating vaccine" because the vaccine spreads like a virus and infects everyone.

    greensmashgreensmash4 days ago
  • WHAT Bullshut.... This is not news , it's a government agenda advertisement.... Full joke. Revolt

    Bobby BrooksBobby Brooks4 days ago
  • By experts they mean propaganda agents. Herd immunity happens in nature without any vaccines. Deer aren't making and distributing vaccines. Wake up people these people are liars pushing propaganda.

    Chris WChris W5 days ago
  • Who does not know to not run car in closed garage?

    One MaestroOne Maestro5 days ago
  • Act like a criminal get treated like a criminal.

    Zach WilliamsZach Williams5 days ago
  • LOL

    dany vitodany vito5 days ago
  • My God that's ashame they didn't have to do her like that though

    Samatha KingSamatha King5 days ago
  • What kind of animals are these American police this is an old woman omg animals

    Sharon RichardsSharon Richards5 days ago
  • It took exactly 55 fkn seconds for nbc to start in on the racist division tactics. There is so much more important things to talk about nbc. Stuff like THE GREAT PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION FRAUD OF 2020. And THE AUDIT IN ARIZONA THAT IS GOING TO EXPOSE IT ALL. the story of the fkn century and you decide to ignore it like the black plague. Or maybe we should be politically correct and call it the white plague instead?


    D SteveD Steve6 days ago
  • Freaks

    kingof Troykingof Troy6 days ago
  • "The NC police strive for POSITIVE interactions..." Positively B.S

    Dave LDave L6 days ago
  • Cops overreact again. Don’t they know that older peoples bodies are more fragile? Or is it they just don’t care?

    AtTheRanchAtTheRanch6 days ago
  • Them fools lost

    Marquis RobersonMarquis Roberson6 days ago
  • Why

    Marquis RobersonMarquis Roberson6 days ago
  • Pandering with the black doctor MSNBC?

    canelover90canelover906 days ago
  • How and why do other white peoples do nothing??

  • To my white friends police are killing us. How can u all do and say nothing.?

  • Those people who are keeping quiet will be held accountable. God is real.

  • Those cops are domestic terrorist

    Dillinger R.Dillinger R.6 days ago
  • This is no surprise at all until the police see people of color humanity this will never change, that’s some one mother or grandmother, I have to as if the police seen the woman that look like them would she have treated the same way... I’ll answer it for you... Exactly!!! So unfair an most of all dangerous but Jan 6 Well you already know... Stay Safe... Peace Mustafa

    Mustafa solomonMustafa solomon6 days ago
  • Why is it that police have to handcuff people in the back, why can’t they just do it in the front for old people? How much damage or speed an old lady can do with handcuff on to fight or to run away from them? The police force in US are pretty stupid how they just blindly follow arresting to suppress citizen blindfully! This is outrageously barbaric and unintelligent thugs, not police as people protectors. !!!!

    M TM T6 days ago
  • Don't watch fake news bye

    Billy ChannelBilly Channel6 days ago
  • An investment in the future should yield about $7 for every $1 spent now.

    Jan WeisbartJan Weisbart6 days ago
  • Fake news

    Willa HabershamWilla Habersham6 days ago
  • Fired weapons or not, they let it happen.

    Borries No WorriesBorries No Worries6 days ago
  • spoiled selfish brats at Disney. look at Chile and India

    benben6 days ago
  • 💧

    The Daughter Of ALMIGHTY GOD 2The Daughter Of ALMIGHTY GOD 26 days ago
  • Back on the streets what happened to guilty by association. Black people take this case to the Supreme Court demanding the release of the video footage! Africans wake up you are in America unite! This is a great country when united" African-American and Africans must unite.

    Fred PetersonFred Peterson6 days ago
  • Anyone who says America is free ie either lying or delusional.

    DakLak DigitalDakLak Digital6 days ago
  • Bet she'll pull over next time

    Smoothly AmusingSmoothly Amusing6 days ago
  • trump is a failed business man who is only out for himself. If you love habitual liars feeding you BS trump is your loser..

    Lin FerrusiLin Ferrusi6 days ago
  • Guilty because they're all working in concert that's how it would work if my boys nice shot somebody up and two of my guys were sitting there just watching PS I don't have any guys allegedly

  • Nice Buy Then you should wear rabbits hats and to someone else to bring the rabbits back like in the movie prestige.

    Tudor LunguTudor Lungu6 days ago
  • Just think this why a bunch of low life guys pulling out ur mother from her vehicle and twining her injured arms... all these physio college or high school drop ex drug dealer now in the police dept should be in the jail

    Joy MahmoodJoy Mahmood6 days ago
  • Kick these ppl out from the police dept

    Joy MahmoodJoy Mahmood6 days ago
  • Those anti trans people are showing the world that they are male chauvinistic in mentality and psyche 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Straight...

    Joseph DaggettJoseph Daggett6 days ago
  • I hatethis reporter, I wish you stop showing her please.

    Laia BrownLaia Brown6 days ago
  • All Tenafly everyone in the world throw leak it does he own ear her own ear help no bring the thing only through leak object day here if you’re smart that I’m thinking it’s just mom say something mean something and then dad besides it open your mouth a big why every time you open my big mouth why oh yeah you’re mile you from a leak in your ear and you know I don’t know what kind of throw it at you think about it let me know

    Anonymous TigerAnonymous Tiger6 days ago
  • if that was my grandmother it would definitely be more one funeral that week

    mike williamsmike williams6 days ago
    • ...

      BLACK8ces Basketball NBA2K20-30BLACK8ces Basketball NBA2K20-304 days ago
  • That's not a normal traffic stop. That was a hate stop turned into a violent racist crime. Excessive force was not the proper approach. It was just a simple speeding ticket. Those officers are a menace to the public. They are racist criminals with a badge.

    A PA P6 days ago
  • Can't do the time don't do the crime...whaaaa☹️🤣🤣😂🤣🤣

    Joseph DaggettJoseph Daggett6 days ago
  • WTF is happening with cops in America? Aren't there any black cops making arrests there? How come only white cops mess things up? It's hard to imagine that there are no incidents involving black cops. How come we never see stories about white cops violating rules while arresting another white or a black cop doing the tame thing to another black person?

    Etno GamerEtno Gamer6 days ago
  • America should be ashamed off themselves you take about liberty Godley rights Oh how you talk a good game the constitution is not worth the paper its written on..

    Stomprite EntertainmentStomprite Entertainment6 days ago
  • So the lady was excessively speeding and didn't stop but yet the cops were wrong

    xCor3xxCor3x6 days ago
  • Yeah "Transients" can sometimes be on drugs so the can easily outrun/outsport women (if they get their meds) 12:29

  • Not fair for girls to have to compete against boys in sports. Born a boy you are a boy.

    TomTom6 days ago
  • May all officers involved suffer for the rest of their lives

    Rose PhillipsRose Phillips6 days ago
  • I saw a game where a transgender girl out performed the other girls. Got more points etc. Is that why the bill was signed?

    Sharon LoomisSharon Loomis6 days ago
  • Whose facts on the vaccine? Propaganda machines do not provide all the data.

    Brice HudsonBrice Hudson6 days ago
  • Why worried is not coming in your pocket?

    Melinda DavisMelinda Davis6 days ago
  • That governor isn’t doing anything wrong. Boys shouldn’t be on the same team sports with girls. Wtf is so difficult about that people?

    The ReasonThe Reason6 days ago
  • FTP

    Michael DenczekMichael Denczek6 days ago
  • Scientists who create things for war should be held for all the responsibility.

    Nick TomcheckNick Tomcheck6 days ago

    Nick TomcheckNick Tomcheck6 days ago
  • He said you arw not black if you dont vote for him Biden. And firsr thing he do is protect transgenders and not blacks from police brutality and racism.

    Nicholas NewlandNicholas Newland6 days ago
  • "it's why they voted for a businessman for President." Should that not be a 'failed' businessman? It seems as if they got what they voted for - economic failure.

    Neil foremanNeil foreman6 days ago
  • Nice video walkthrough about vaccines etc.

    Nermal JamslowNermal Jamslow6 days ago
  • Hellos to Pa Modou, Abdou Karim, Jay, Oumou,and Saidou Ndow also from Ous

    Ous SillahOus Sillah6 days ago
  • WV Governor made a good point.

    Wild Vegan ChildWild Vegan Child6 days ago
  • Didn't this chick get caught using the N-word and she herself eluded proper reprimand!?

    Einstein Rosen Bridge #86Einstein Rosen Bridge #866 days ago
  • Train's! billions! are you kidding me....I think he's a train wreck! he got our votes, and into office, by promising seniors on SSI SSDI a $200 a month stimulus.... TIME TO KEEP YOUR PROMISES AND PAY UP!! all this money thrown away while people go hungry, all this money thrown at families w kids while letting the most vulnerable live way below the poverty line without the basic necessities? especially in a Pandemic! Im getting off this train at the 1st stop

    Carla WelchCarla Welch6 days ago
  • A permit to protest 🤔

    MeanGreen734MeanGreen7346 days ago
  • How did we get tricked into fighting against ourselves as women. This feels like the twilight zone.

    Z Adrienne ChadwickZ Adrienne Chadwick6 days ago
  • 50 currency gonna be very careful that might be 50000 today but it could be $50 tomorrow

    Balla21Balla216 days ago
  • Yeah because the moron drives for 10 miles when a cop is trying to pull you over. Duh. Lol.

    KC NickyKC Nicky6 days ago
  • Reporting like this is not helping BLM in any shape or form

    First name Last nameFirst name Last name6 days ago
  • That is not good enough it's the officers duty to protect the citizens if one of their officers out of line they should do everything in their power to stop that officer

    Balla21Balla216 days ago
  • This little old lady is hardly a criminal. I am not surprised she was hurt and need surgery. Makes me sick. They all must have been terrified up against such a scary little old lady. How many big cops with guns drawn for one little old lady. I hope they feel like complete monsters today. How would they feel if that was how their own mother or grandmother was treated by another cop. How does this over-the-top unnecessary brute force keep happening to little old people and kids? Who is training the cowards. If they followed her for that long they must have known she was much cooler. She could have been deaf for all they knew. This has to stop. Better training is clearly needed. I hope she wins her laws suit.

    Missy MothMissy Moth6 days ago
  • I believe at 16, first of all you are not finished growing and maturing, you are too young to alter anything about your body unless there is a physical deformity that would correct an issue. Any other It should be against the law until you are over 18. I remember at 12-13 I wanted to be one of the boys, I had 6 brothers and mom, made me stop wrestling and fighting with the boys and told me that we are different and that I would be growing into a young woman and they are becoming young men. I need to stop it for more reasons than that one, do I need to explain? Today I’m so glad I had a parent who knew her responsibility in my life, today I am a proud mother and child birth is a miracle in itself, being a mother is an awesome responsibility that has its rewards.

    Lore BayLore Bay6 days ago
  • ..you mean..satisfy your wallet! Come on Republicans, admit it's all about Capitalism and racism, RIGHT!?! Keeping America white and in power! Don't want to share, do you!?! Come on, you can tell me!😏

    Dee SayersDee Sayers6 days ago
  • Open 😺

    Hi MaloneHi Malone6 days ago
  • Look up Fallon Fox. I don’t care if trans athletes compete in sports, but combat sports are a different story... the genetic advantages translate to fighting. It really depends on when they transition I guess... Fallon transitioned in her thirties, and almost immediately started knocking women out and she wasn’t even that good..

    One nacho 123One nacho 1236 days ago
  • U telling me nobody can get these deputies while they are out and about where are the gangs

    Willie StacyWillie Stacy6 days ago
  • America’s not racist, huh Kamala and Tim?🤔

    John DunkentellJohn Dunkentell6 days ago
  • An elderly librarian. What a bunch of tough guys....true American heroes.

    Jaga the eldestJaga the eldest6 days ago
    • Exactly

      Charla GotierCharla Gotier6 days ago
  • Yeah let's spread the love red virus because that's exactly what's going to happen it's already speaking up again so let's spike it up some more what's wrong with these people

    Sandy HayseSandy Hayse6 days ago
  • I got to agree with West Virginia on that one.

    ChildofGod229ChildofGod2296 days ago
  • I think he's doing a fantastic job better than Donald Trump ever did

    Sandy HayseSandy Hayse6 days ago
  • "What do we know so far?" We know that you won't stop trying to divide America into Black vs White

    Fred PedemontiFred Pedemonti6 days ago
  • That figures they probably get away with murder

    Sandy HayseSandy Hayse6 days ago
  • Even though they've been fired the weapon they should be charged for not doing their job

    Sandy HayseSandy Hayse6 days ago
  • Where did Mr. Brown work?

    Larry AmesLarry Ames6 days ago
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    Marve lousMarve lous6 days ago
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      Evelyn FlorenceEvelyn Florence6 days ago
    • Me too

      Katrina DebraKatrina Debra6 days ago
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      Isabel FedrickIsabel Fedrick6 days ago
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      Kathleen JacksonKathleen Jackson6 days ago
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      Jeffrey DonaldJeffrey Donald6 days ago
  • Society needs to be sued

    Alesha McclendonAlesha Mcclendon6 days ago
  • Free speech is Free Speech

    Alesha McclendonAlesha Mcclendon6 days ago