Teacher Union President: New York City Has Done A ‘Pretty Good Job’ With Reopening Schools

Feb 21, 2021
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Randi Weingarten, President, American Federation of Teachers, tells Chuck Todd that New York City is a good example of a successful school district during an interview with Meet the Press.» Subscribe to NBC News: nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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Teacher Union President: New York City Has Done A ‘Pretty Good Job’ With Reopening Schools


    Buddy JR RoeBuddy JR Roe2 days ago
  • Florida never closed less death and sickness than Hivemind citys

    Buddy JR RoeBuddy JR Roe2 days ago
  • These lazy babysitters need to go back too "work"

    First LastFirst Last2 days ago
  • The teachers union want more money, they want their competition, charter schools, closed down. It's so obvious. The science is there and studies have been done.

    Joey MacJoey Mac4 days ago
  • This lady is insane. Teachers Union should be immediately shut down if this is "leadership"

    RhetoricRhetoric4 days ago
  • Fire Michael Che, super spreader of misinformation and hate. #NbcSpreadsHate

    Andy HolzingerAndy Holzinger4 days ago
  • Teachers are Not transactional like the new Republicans. Their nature is to interact with their students, and we must acknowledge and assist them in this essential American activity. Millions of our students respond to the subtle positive responses that take place in a face to face encounter. Even position within a classroom or classroom size can make all the difference in the world regarding student success. And student success will eventually translate into success in their lifetime careers. As we used to say, WORK SMART. Right now (courtesy of Trump), there are still enough foolish people in the country to want to avoid vaccination. Open up that gap to the teachers. The Trump supporters will either die off or come around eventually, but we don't need to wait or hit them over the head to get them to comply. It's their own life that they've decided to play craps with. Meanwhile, let's behave in a responsible manner toward our teachers and students.

    Kathryn ShawKathryn Shaw5 days ago
  • Cowards being paid to do nothing.

    Buff LivingstonBuff Livingston5 days ago
  • Nazis always end up getting Killed & Creepy Joe Biden is a Nazi, look up all his Quotes, Racism, Manipulation, Stolen Election, Surrounded by Military ext

    Militia ComingMilitia Coming5 days ago
  • NBC, CNN ext r Fake News

    Militia ComingMilitia Coming5 days ago
  • What? Purple purple zone .. not in red zone? Watching Chick TV.

    Anya Cricket CochranAnya Cricket Cochran5 days ago
  • #Hoax.

    The RevoltThe Revolt5 days ago
  • #FakeNews Being honest must disqualify people from being a guest on NBC.

    Aidan DanielsAidan Daniels5 days ago
  • Should I say Communist, Yes that is what I will say! Teachers Union and Communism go together !

    Randy SmithRandy Smith5 days ago
    • Communist is a nice impact word, but your remark makes no sense. Do you even know what communism is?

      Anti FactoidAnti Factoid5 days ago
  • The GOP leadership has taken all of their constituents to the mat and though they've won, they won't stop. The GOP is the Tom Brady of corruption. And Chuck Todd is here to give you the play by play.

    Oxford CommaOxford Comma5 days ago
  • The death toll in the United States is 497,000. Almost 500,000. The higher death toll is dangerous. you know. Back in 1918. Spanish flu killed about 100 million people. People stop wearing masks. Other forcing people and fine them. Here's a real 1918 photo. Wear a mask or go to jail. www.history.com/news/1918-pandemic-public-health-campaigns Does the mask help to stop the spread of virus? Yes. it's better.

    Screen AppleScreen Apple5 days ago
  • Jesus loves and cares about you so much so repent so That we all make it to heaven. Like so more people can see this...

    NotafratdudeNotafratdude5 days ago
  • Yes, teachers should be a priority!

    Deep RoseDeep Rose5 days ago
    • What kind of supremacy. America LAST.

      Gabriel TangGabriel Tang5 days ago
  • 🖕todd

    Thomas TamayoseThomas Tamayose5 days ago
    • ..usworlds.info/slow/video/jIBpqo68fH6rpoM.

      Little AngelsLittle Angels5 days ago
  • If all the staff is vaccinated , school is safe.

    David EllisDavid Ellis5 days ago
    • Fact check.

      Gabriel TangGabriel Tang5 days ago
    • ..usworlds.info/slow/video/jIBpqo68fH6rpoM

      Little AngelsLittle Angels5 days ago
  • School districts could provide PPE that would be even more effective against all virus strains than vaccination. That mask would be a half-face or full-face respirator with P100 filters on both the intake and exhaust valves to protect the employee and prevent transmission with high quality filters that would be cheaper than disposable N95 masks in the long run.

    Tom LakoshTom Lakosh5 days ago
    • ..usworlds.info/slow/video/jIBpqo68fH6rpoM.

      Little AngelsLittle Angels5 days ago
  • great example. If the nfl can get it right, the school system should be able to do the same. I mean, dana White made an Island...

    Juan AltoJuan Alto5 days ago
    • ..usworlds.info/slow/video/jIBpqo68fH6rpoM

      Little AngelsLittle Angels5 days ago
  • Yo. All you mouth breathers complaining about Chick Todd. If you stop watching they will have no choice but to replace him. But y’all keep watching. Stop it!

    Tuna CatTuna Cat5 days ago
    • ..usworlds.info/slow/video/jIBpqo68fH6rpoM.

      Little AngelsLittle Angels5 days ago