White House Covid Team Announces 100 Million U.S. Adults Fully Vaccinated | NBC News

Apr 30, 2021
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White House Covid-19 Response coordinator Jeff Zients announced at Friday’s briefing that 100 million adults in the U.S. have been fully vaccinated, nearly double the 55 million who were fully vaccinated at the end of March 2021.» Subscribe to NBC News: nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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White House Covid Team Announces 100 Million U.S. Adults Fully Vaccinated | NBC News

  • So, 55% are completely compromised now. Smh, wonder how many will still be alive in 6 months?? What a bunch of idiots!!

    Candis ShortCandis Short3 days ago
  • Hey Biden, you and your administration really did a good job. Keep up the good work!!. And THANK YOU

    Kason KKason K5 days ago
  • Bunch of idiots and liars

    cheryl patrickcheryl patrick5 days ago
  • Beautiful thanks to president Trump, his administration and the drug mfgs. we have the covid 19 vacine. I don't know what you 4 have to do with it, except for misinformation.

    John AJohn A5 days ago
  • Lots of lab rats running around. Smh

    Marlene TrainorMarlene Trainor5 days ago
  • #VAERS

    Heidi HeidiHeidi Heidi5 days ago

    R1GAMBLERR1GAMBLER5 days ago
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Michael HanleyMichael Hanley6 days ago
  • Need to 411 this stark dark reality of the Year of Covid here in US, the number of deaths is related to the right choices of Covid restrictions, litigation, masking for each other , putting public schooling on holds ect. With all the Republicans complaining of these steps and mandates, their ignorance of their stupidity would over look the true reality the number of deaths here in US would of been at least 1. 3 million and being not fake news, that number is a lot to take in of the cost of lives exceeded 1 million over a year. Those Republicans can never place themselves as their logo of campaign, ; I will fight for you" and more like I will let you die to get your last dollar and homes( Covid death related Escrow )in their pockets . As for the people of great effort of the restrictions and laws, kept US from dying in the millions while at same time,, they gave US a dollar from our pockets there where they all work while GOP gave us Death for the Dollar..Even a Cave man can see the TRUTH over LIES still in process of GOP..

    User619 TLSDCAUser619 TLSDCA7 days ago
  • Half the adult population vaccinated and 99% still walking around masked. Makes no sense. And I live in Texas where the mask mandate has been dropped and STILL everyone wearing masks. Frightened Sheep? I don't get it.

    3Towers2Planes3Towers2Planes7 days ago
  • I'm so happy to be one of the few who haven't stopped out door activities without a mask and won't be getting the "vaccine".

    Briggs JonesBriggs Jones7 days ago
    • You should see what's happening in India. Your stupidity knows no limit.

      Syed KhaziSyed Khazi5 days ago
    • Right there with you. I was lucky enough to be able to maintain a job the whole “lock down” saw my friends lived a normal as can be life. Screw politicians and what they think they can order us to do.

      Kevin FlowersKevin Flowers7 days ago
  • 50% of the US still believe the pandemic is a hoax so send their share of the vaccines to Africa.

    DJ PomareDJ Pomare8 days ago
  • The US is finally stepping up to help India? US J&J has had blood clotting issues and accidentally ruined 15M vaccines. China has exported vaccines to 69 countries, arranged exports to 43 others including vaccines for Tokyo Olympians. US has kept all their vaccines for themselves. US 590,055 UK 127,517 India 211,853 NZ 26 When was America great? Not wearing masks are why US Covid deaths is 590,055 while New Zealand is 26 with the last fatality in August last year.

    DJ PomareDJ Pomare8 days ago
  • Covid deaths US 590,055 Mexico 216,907 UK 127,517 Canada 24,219 China 4,636 Australia 910 NZ 26 Taiwan 12. The educational gap caused by pandemic mismanagement are Trump's legacy affecting the US for years to come. There are 18 variants, 11 from the US, 2 from the UK and India and 1 each from South Africa, Brazil, China and France. Anti-maskers, Anti-vaxers, MAGATs and QANON are killing Americans. When was America great?

    DJ PomareDJ Pomare8 days ago
  • Thank you Operate Warp Speed and President Trump!

    01silverwings01silverwings8 days ago
    • You mean Trump who said it was a hoax and will magically disappear? Who said to ingest bleach to cure COVID-19 and wherein 500,000 Americans died during his watch?

      Sunflowersarles1 SunSunflowersarles1 Sun7 days ago
    • Thank Trump for murdering 500,000 Americans you bum.

      proud Liberalproud Liberal7 days ago
    • Thank the scientists. Not the politicians.

      Hunty HassyHunty Hassy8 days ago
  • 🐂 💩 💨

    Mary LoPiccoloMary LoPiccolo8 days ago
    • Exactly! This is a cruel joke at this point. Evil agenda is at hand.

      Arnie CunninghamArnie Cunningham7 days ago
  • That’s not even half the population. 🤷‍♀️

    VADER The Kitten ChannelVADER The Kitten Channel8 days ago
    • That’s better than every large country. The US is only being Israel and Chile as far as vaccinations.

      Dr. CoolDr. Cool7 days ago
    • That’s a third of the population, it’s getting there.

      Streamer017Streamer0178 days ago
  • Thank you Donald trump!

    ORD 4RORD 4R8 days ago
  • Should be a lot more than that by now. This is appalling. Fact!

    ChaosChaos8 days ago
    • @VADER The Kitten Channel blame Biden. Fact!

      ChaosChaos8 days ago
    • Not in my crowded city.I couldn’t get an appointment until now.

      VADER The Kitten ChannelVADER The Kitten Channel8 days ago
  • "White House Covid Team Announces 100 Million U.S. Adults Fully Vaccinated" thereby reminding us, yet again, that #Jan621 Insurrectionist #DJT is "utterly incompetent" as per the words of both his own Federal Judge elder-sister Maryanne Trump Barry and his own Clinical Psychologist niece Dr. Mary Trump. May #Imp2POTUS45 always hear "You're fired" via the unwavering reality of election results that reject him who is the cause of #MourningInAmerica.

    HeartDoc AndrewHeartDoc Andrew8 days ago
  • Where is this on mainstream news? odysee.com/@psecdocumentary:4/Kary-Mullis---PCR-Inventor---Fauci-Is-A-Liar-With-An-Agenda--hd-720p-:3

    K GK G8 days ago
  • Here is the DRUG pushing commercial again. NO I ain't BUYING your propaganda/drugs-vax/pharma experimental serum. Isolation is safer than vaccination. Kapu

    Pohaku ManaPohaku Mana8 days ago
  • Have a spare $1? Savin' to get a working laptop (homejob). No opportunites outside due to constant lockdowns. 😷 Sorry for this. 😢 I'm not a bad person, just a desperate breadwinner. Lost so much since 2020. Off-topic, I know. 😳 I hope you understand the desperation. I know some people need more help than me and my family but I do hope that does not invalidate my cry for help. 😢 Things are getting worse here. We don't have stimulus checks or anything like USA. So I'm just really doing whatever I can to put food on the table. We may not be killed by the virus but the situation is surely slowly killing us. 😔 Peace be with you. ❤ GOD bless. 🙏 And to anyone who's also struggling, let's hold on tight. All will soon be well. 🌈🌞🌍

    Read my ABOUT section PLEASERead my ABOUT section PLEASE8 days ago
    • @Pohaku Mana Unfortunately, I'm not trolling. And I wont wish to be one. I have a huge belief in the Law of Karma. But it's fine. I understand your prejudice. I dont like what Im doing. This is so humiliating and impossible but what choice do I have? For now, none. I have to do whatever just to be able to put food on the table. But "whatever" does not mean fooling other people. Begging is different from scamming. ☺ You might be in a nice place that's why you cant believe some people, like me, would resort to this. Lucky you. Have a good day tho. Take care always. ❤

      Read my ABOUT section PLEASERead my ABOUT section PLEASE8 days ago
    • man YT trolls are out trying to scam up some dough

      Pohaku ManaPohaku Mana8 days ago
  • Thank you President Trump for putting us on path. Hopefully this great nation continues to succeed.

    Ron RogersRon Rogers8 days ago
  • *This is Great News.. The Depopulation agenda's are moving along swiftly now. lets keep making America great once again. Thank you*

    acgillespieacgillespie8 days ago
    • @Reid Sutton Definitely, I've been watching on flixzone for months myself =)

      Maximiliano DarwinMaximiliano Darwin8 days ago
    • Pro tip : watch movies at flixzone. Me and my gf have been using them for watching a lot of movies recently.

      Reid SuttonReid Sutton8 days ago
    • You think 100 million is enough in a country with that many resources? I don't, I think it's abysmal. Fact!

      ChaosChaos8 days ago
  • The dumbest president ever, which is made clear when he talks! Is expanding government control over our lives! Good job SHEEP!!!

    Open borders Dementia JoeOpen borders Dementia Joe8 days ago
  • The Government Is NOT ne1's Doctor. HIPPA gives ALL legal medical privacy. Masks cause infertility, Fauci is a TYRANT 2American citizens, involved w/BillGates, whose a eugenicist. They're threatening and killing people w/masks and shots. USworlds is promoting chaos/communism

    Wattster47Wattster478 days ago
  • Big thank you to Team Biden. Just got my first shot yesterday... very smooth process, all the way through. Well done, National Guard and medical professionals.

    Ted RoeTed Roe8 days ago
    • @Marlene Trainor so, do the math and tell me why that means anything when I have family killed by covid.... and do tell, what is your medical background that qualifies you to dispense medical info? Are you a doctor? Do you jave a degree in epidemiology or viral immunology? Or are you just another triggered GOP Karen who doesnt know much about anything and is suffering from cognitive dissonance?

      Ted RoeTed Roe5 days ago
    • The virus has an over 99% survival rate. None of the "vaccines" are fda approved, nor tested on humans. Congrats on being a lab rat. Edit. All info is verifiable cdc. Mask boxes have disclaimer stating they do not protect against viruses, and I don't feed trolls.

      Marlene TrainorMarlene Trainor5 days ago
    • @Chaos lol... only a racist couldnt see whats wrong w racist comments... I suppose you think there is nothing wrong w racist attacks on Asians that were incited by Trump and the GOP.... and Russia deserves far less respect than it gets. I support increased and enforced sanctions, expanded and strengthened NATO, and an active effort to end Putin.

      Ted RoeTed Roe7 days ago
    • @Ted Roe you come to NBC comments and you've never seen someone mocking Russians? You just lost all credibility with that claim. What is wrong with saying kung flu? It's not racist. Which race is it racist against? China isn't a race. The claim by liberal media is that Trump's racist rhetoric is causing hate crimes against Asian Americans. Do you thing a racist is going to hear the phrase kung flu, become irate and go out and attack an Asian American? Actually liberal media have gone a bit quiet about attacks on Asian Americans as it's come out that they're more likely to be attacked by black people. Such is their hypocrisy, it doesn't fit their divisive and race baiting narratives. Fact!

      ChaosChaos7 days ago
    • @Chaos Trump calls coronavirus Kung Flu and says he slowed testing... usworlds.info/slow/video/enp-ppy6ZqiJfX8 www.forbes.com/sites/brucelee/2020/06/24/trump-once-again-calls-covid-19-coronavirus-the-kung-flu

      Ted RoeTed Roe7 days ago
  • Great now leave the rest of us alone! You got all of the lab rats you need for this experiment. Oh and next time PAY the participants!

    Sapien QueenSapien Queen8 days ago
    • @Pohaku Mana .I stimulate and get stimulated about 3 times a day usually. Thanks for asking

      acgillespieacgillespie8 days ago
    • @acgillespie you got no stimulation?

      Pohaku ManaPohaku Mana8 days ago
    • They got stimulated and free shots.. What could be better?

      acgillespieacgillespie8 days ago
  • Is the thumbnail The Weeknd? 💀

    HuntHunt8 days ago
    • No his name is - On Monday

      James MaynardJames Maynard8 days ago
  • They all said operation warp speed would fail. Thank you president trump!

    M HM H8 days ago
  • Your only hope and salvation from this madness is Jesus Christ. You`re a sinner, Jesus was crucified for your sins on the cross so you could live forever with him. He provided a way out. Repent or face his judgement and wrath for the time is at hand, these are the end times.

    StrangerThanFictionStrangerThanFiction8 days ago
    • Exactly

  • Weird that I have to say this but... the CDC does not grant you your rights

    Louis TullyLouis Tully8 days ago
    • @Kelli V I don't need "responsible" people to "protect" me

      A.I.A.I.8 days ago
    • @Kelli V nope, I know of NO ONE who's had it. I know of NO ONE who died from it. I know of NO ONE in my family who has gotten the vax or the trumptardvirus bio-weapon. Turn off your TV/computer/phone and you'd never know there was a 'pandemic'. Not here.

      Pohaku ManaPohaku Mana8 days ago
    • ‘Needing to’ isn’t the same as being forced to. Responsible people are protecting you so you can feel privileged to put others at risk & make idiotic comments. Guess you haven’t lost anyone...

      Kelli VKelli V8 days ago
  • Thank god. We are inching closer and closer to normal

    que hallmarkque hallmark8 days ago
    • @Chaos usually the opposite in this Orwellian world.

      Pohaku ManaPohaku Mana8 days ago
    • Normal is what your fake news wants you to believe, reality is something quite different. Fact!

      ChaosChaos8 days ago
    • at 60% the restrictions can be lifted that sounds like week

      robinsssrobinsss8 days ago
    • normal? warmongering, exploitation, subjugation, infiltration and annihilation?

      Pohaku ManaPohaku Mana8 days ago
  • Real Patriots don't hesitate, they vaccinate. A little discomfort to protect the community, family, and friends, goes a long way.

    Cybr FriendsCybr Friends8 days ago
    • You get that from a Tiktok jingle?

      A.I.A.I.8 days ago
    • lol

      Louis TullyLouis Tully8 days ago
  • Thank you president Biden. You are a better president that deserves the credit and number 45 doesn't deserve credit.

    Joseph GJoseph G8 days ago
    • Joe just reads a teleprompter. That's all he does. Fact!

      ChaosChaos8 days ago
  • Ya'll probably believe this too, coming straight from the mouths of liars and cheaters. Fml.

    Jett-Rampart FlyerJett-Rampart Flyer8 days ago
    • I don’t believe it.

      VADER The Kitten ChannelVADER The Kitten Channel8 days ago
  • Woot!!! Keep it up America!!! We can do it!!!

    Infamous Ichigo PopInfamous Ichigo Pop8 days ago
    • @acgillespie Actually more like 16...sheesh, time dialation much

      Infamous Ichigo PopInfamous Ichigo Pop8 days ago
    • We'll slow the curve sooner or later. It's only been about 30 months now

      acgillespieacgillespie8 days ago

    Lucy BrunsonLucy Brunson8 days ago
  • Shutting off your tv cures covid variants including china 🔴 and heightens your fashion sense

    Blue CrowBlue Crow8 days ago
    • well that would mean their computer, dumbphone and all its apps. lol fat chance

      Pohaku ManaPohaku Mana8 days ago
  • 100,000 died under Biden

    greg savrongreg savron8 days ago
  • Team thanks Trump administration for developing and distributing the vaccine

    greg savrongreg savron8 days ago
    • Yes, as a Democrat voter I have to acknowledge that things would be a lot worse if it wasn't for the brilliance of President Trump. Biden might do something right soon too, let's not give up on him yet.

      ChaosChaos8 days ago
  • The paid trolls I can understand, the ones that do it for free scare me.

    BadPanda15BadPanda158 days ago
    • @A.I. that a script you're writing?

      Pohaku ManaPohaku Mana8 days ago
    • @Pohaku Mana If Bad Panda was alive during the holocaust and he came face-to-face with Mengele he would say, "Sure Doc! Because of Science!"

      A.I.A.I.8 days ago
    • @BadPanda15 oh who? you think the US gov doesn't subsidize an unhealthy diet, environment, poison products, coup d'états, dangerous products and practices?? What is that 4" yellow stripe down the middle of a road that keeps people from playing chicken? Gov. intelligence?

      Pohaku ManaPohaku Mana8 days ago
    • @A.I. both you simpletons and the bio-weapon scared people. Doesn't scare me, but it's worrisome.

      Pohaku ManaPohaku Mana8 days ago
    • @BadPanda15 so you're agreeing that that Covid-19 did not warrant the reaction it received? And that the campaign for mass vaccination is b.s.? I mean if SARS and MERS were more effective weapons, why did this warrant shutting down the global economy? It's not about Covid, it's about our reaction to Covid. From the Johns Hopkins pandemic scenarios and white papers this is about the study of how information and propaganda spreads. If you do not understand that this is a massive social experiment then I would say you are naive and gullible. Get the vaccine if you want to. Anybody who gets the vaccine has no reason to be angry at those who wish not to vaccinate.

      A.I.A.I.8 days ago
  • 328 million people in the United States and you've only vaccinated 100 million and you want to Pat yourselves on the back that's funny that's not even half of the people in the United States being vaccinated

    V - Day TodayV - Day Today8 days ago
  • Lies. 70% is unvaccinated hows that math work out. Rick said it best, "Bad Math!"💥

    jason morganjason morgan8 days ago
  • The Branch Covidians and their cult leaders are losing. London & Italy with massive protests against vaxx and illegal covid rules. More than 500,000 protesters. Germany and other Europeans following. If you havent figured it out now that Covid and the great reset (build back better) are absolutely collapsing then you watch to much news/tv or just to scared. Its so obvious that pharma/media propaganda working overtime.

    WhisperedOathsWhisperedOaths8 days ago
  • Attention to this epic slip up yet again by mainstream media 👀👇 usworlds.info/slow/video/m6OmhW2uaYSYoKE Wtf did he just say 🤔

    Angel KilluminatiAngel Killuminati8 days ago
  • Or euthanized like the msm epic slip up says

    Angel KilluminatiAngel Killuminati8 days ago
  • Question: I am allowed to question religion. I am allowed to question political leaders. I am allowed to critique capitalism, marxism, socialism, communism. I am allowed to question scientific theories...but for some reason, VACCINES ARE A SETTLED SCIENCE AND THERE IS NO ROOM FOR QUESTIONS OR CRITIQUES. Side effects are a non-issue. And if you are skeptical of experimental MRNA technology that has been rushed through you are labeled a "anti-vaxxer" "conspiracy theorists". The pharmaceutical industry is a business of low-trust, known for its greed (ever hear of hot lots?). And I'm to think they have my best interests at heart. Nevermind that the "get vaccinated" ad blitz is cringe and creepy af. So it's not that the school is anti-vaccine. It is anti-mrna-human-experiment technology. You people who blindly follow the science are the exact opposite of critical thinkers.

    A.I.A.I.8 days ago
  • All vaccinated will get ill this winter and die sadly R.I.P. ⚰️

    • @Albert Chua OK do your 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣in six months time 😉.

    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.

      Albert ChuaAlbert Chua8 days ago
  • Hopefully the all croak💀 so I can find quality housing in a decent area. It's too many humans on earth.

    Carson DouglasCarson Douglas8 days ago
  • 2ND Moderna Shot Symptoms are, Drunk, Drunk, Headache, Fever, Chills, and Diahhrea(7x)

    LifeRemasteredLifeRemastered8 days ago
    • I seriously thought I was going to die the following morning and the rest of that day.

      LifeRemasteredLifeRemastered7 days ago
    • @Wanda Prock I had covid. Felt meh for day. No vaxx for me!!!

      A.I.A.I.8 days ago
    • I suffered no ill effects from the Trump vaccine.

      ChaosChaos8 days ago
    • @Wanda Prock not if you don't have symptoms from covid

      RowStoneRowStone8 days ago
    • Better then covid itself

      Wanda ProckWanda Prock8 days ago
  • JOB Well Done 👏✔ President Joe Biden

    Kadir AbdulKadir Abdul8 days ago
    • I disagree with most of you, working in the medical field, Trump in my veiw is atleast 60 percent responsible for the higher mortality here in the U.S. I wish he had taken action 🎬 early and would have saved atleast 300000 people and their families.

      Kadir AbdulKadir Abdul8 days ago
    • It was the former president Donal Trump' job. Trump made this happened.

      Ryan SRyan S8 days ago
    • Joe seems to be doing a lot of touring around the country giving speeches and basking in glory, while behind the scenes there are terrible things going on. It reminds me very much of Hitler when he first became absolute ruler. Fact!

      ChaosChaos8 days ago
    • Biden trying to take credit for trumps vaccine is hilarious.

      M HM H8 days ago
    • @steve woodward of course opening the southern border cures covid variants including china 🔴 and also the all new brazilian strand

      Blue CrowBlue Crow8 days ago
  • Two thirds refusing it?

    RowStoneRowStone8 days ago
    • @BadPanda15 So no worries. I was told to identify problem to fix it. It was a question not a statement. What's Biden say? All good?

      RowStoneRowStone8 days ago
    • @RowStone Biden said 2/3 of people are refusing it? Not that I've heard, and it'd be incorrect as more than a third have already taken it. Super sites are scaling back as pharmacies are setup to give the shot. 44% of the population has gotten at least 1 shot, and only 74% (that's how many of the US are 18 or above) is even eligible. Less people are even eligible for their first shot compared to how many already got one, of course the rush on mega sites is going to slow down.

      BadPanda15BadPanda158 days ago
    • @BadPanda15 The sites are closing down. I'm going by what Biden says

      RowStoneRowStone8 days ago
    • @RowStone Biden would disagree with what? What is a problem? That we haven't even started vaccinating children? That there will be people that will never accept science?

      BadPanda15BadPanda158 days ago
    • @BadPanda15 Biden would disagree. There is a problem.

      RowStoneRowStone8 days ago
  • Biden the right President at the right time .

    Bill MillerBill Miller8 days ago
    • @Chaos FACTS♠️

      Blue CrowBlue Crow8 days ago
    • Meanwhile Antifa continue to abuse the police and Biden still says Antifa is just an idea. Nothing will ever get done when the president ignores the problem. Fact!

      ChaosChaos8 days ago
    • Opening the southern border stops trafficking and abuse of children 🔴 finish the wall.

      Blue CrowBlue Crow8 days ago

    mark wiedlemark wiedle8 days ago
    • Ft. Detrick/Chapel Hill, exported to the 2019 Wuhan War games in October 19', Google it.

      Pohaku ManaPohaku Mana8 days ago
    • It's by design made by CCP

      insert random nameinsert random name8 days ago
    • Design, but not by comic book level villains found in mainstream conspiracy theories. The CCP are the real villains and so far they are winning.

      mikeboydusmikeboydus8 days ago
  • Oh my gooood🤦‍♂️

    Javoxir MurtazoevJavoxir Murtazoev8 days ago